Apply pain relief spray the right way

Apply pain relief spray the right way

You’ve bought pain relief spray, but are you aware of how to use it? We offer a simple guide.

Pain is a constant feature in most people’s lives. Whether you lead an active lifestyle or a sedentary one, whether you are young or old, you may have experienced – or continue to experience – phases of body pain. Pain can arise out of a variety of factors, and it is important to tackle it at the first instance so that it does not become a debilitating factor.

The most common way to deal with body pain is to use a pain relief spray. But using it is not as simple as opening the can and spritzing it on the skin. The following is a 3-step guide to applying pain relief spray the right way –

* Relax the painful area first.

Wherever the pain may be located, it is important to relax it first. It could be a painful muscle or a joint. If you feel that the muscle has torn or become injured in some way, then apply an ice pack to numb the area. The cold temperature of the pack reduces the sensation of pain. However, if the muscle is sore or inflamed from over use or exercise, then a hot foment is better. The hot foment relaxes the muscle and prepares it for further treatment. Apply the pack or foment for about 10 minutes before applying the pain relief spray.

* Hold the can at least 5 cm away from the painful area.

Now open the can and shake it lightly – some pain relief sprays like Moov do not need excessive shaking, since the liquid is quite cohesive already. Now aim the nozzle directly at the painful area, keeping it in a range of 5 to 8 cm away from the skin. Get a family member to help you if the pain is located in your back. Spray the liquid in short blasts, taking care to ensure that the skin is not cut or irritated prior to spraying. Moov spray will tingle on the skin slightly – this is normal, and the feeling will dissipate soon.

* Spray enough liquid to cover the painful area, and don’t rub it excessively.

Once you have sprayed the skin, let the liquid get absorbed gradually. Desist from rubbing the area – you might get all the liquid on your fingers, while also causing further pain. Most pain relief sprays like Moov are absorbed by the skin on their own, though you may help the absorption by gently tapping the liquid into the skin. The spray is formulated such that it is rapidly sucked into the painful tissues and muscles to start working on the source of the pain. You will soon begin to experience a lessening in the pain and after a few hours, the pain will be gone entirely. Repeat the same process for a few days if the pain is intense or the result of blunt trauma.

If the pain does not dissipate even after rest and applying the pain relief spray every day, then you might need to consult with a doctor to get treatment.

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