How Does Enfagrow A+ Support Child Brain Development

How Does Enfagrow A+ Support Child Brain Development

In this fast growing world, children are exposed to a much information than they can process. Plus, the brain undergoes amazing developments since the time of birth. Hence it is crucial to give the child adequate support during the child brain development stage.

The child brain development is affected by various factors such as experiences, the environment in which the child grows, and the kind of relationships and equations that are shared with other individuals. Therefore, parents are great influencers during this stage.

In this article we will see, how can a parent support this developmental stage of a child and what are the other factors that can influence this development positively:

  1. Communication:

Any source that contains information of sound, sight, or touch will invariably aid the process of child brain development. If the communication is multi-sensorial such as reading, where senses viz. hearing, sight, touch, and smell.

  1. Physical activities & thought stimulus:

Engaging the children in physical outdoor activities can be a great stimulus for the brain development. Also, indoor games that provoke a thought will beneficial for the child. Engage them in games such as chess, mathematically oriented games, even football or basket will do the trick.

Introducing them to the world of classical music or dance can also prove to be beneficial when it comes to the child’s brain development.

  1. Diet:

One the important aspect of growth and development in any developmental stage is the diet. Right food intake in right amounts and at regular times will keep the body energetic to take on the changes brought to the body with these developmental milestones. A child’s diet should include meat and poultry, milk and dairy, nuts, vegetables, and fruits. Food also tends to put one in a balanced mood to receive all the information coming to them during their active times of the day.

External supplements and nutritional powders will only boost and aid this process. But, it is essential to understand what these nutritional powders offer. It is also crucial to know the formulas of the nutritional powder supports the child brain development process.

Nutrition powders viz. Enfagrow A+ are creating with DHA formula that helps the brain development and learning ability. It contains docosahexaenoic acid which is a kind of omega-3 fatty acid that aids the rapid expansion of the cerebral cortex – which helps build intelligence.

This formula also develops the brain to faster problem-solving ability, excellent visual acuity, verbal intelligence, and IQ. Thus, a daily intake of DHA is essential.

It also helps maintain the overall health and balance of the body.

A daily intake of DHA helps reduce fats in the blood called triglycerides, blood pressure, and clogging in the arteries. It also keeps the heart healthy and is known to prevent cardiovascular diseases, including heart attack and stroke.

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