Pregnancy Tips for the Second Trimester

Pregnancy Tips for the Second Trimester

You have just entered the trickier phase of your pregnancy, which signals visible changes in your body. We list some handy tips to help you adjust to this phase.

As an expectant mother, you are constantly mindful of what you eat and how your every action influences your unborn child. After the euphoria about finding that you were pregnant died down, you settled into a daily rhythm in your first trimester, where your body slowly began to show the signs of carrying a baby.

But the second trimester is when things really begin to change. More specifically, your body experiences several changes during this time – your bump first becomes visible during the second trimester, your weight increases as the baby grows, the baby’s brain and motor skills grow rapidly during this time, and you begin to experience the first body aches related to pregnancy. We’ve compiled some handy tips for second trimester pregnancy below:

* Buy bigger clothes and shoes. Your feet will begin to swell during this phase, so bigger shoes are a must. Some women’s feet go up a whole shoe size, so get your feet measured before you buy new slip-ons. Avoid wearing heeled footwear, since it exerts greater pressure on your already sensitive back. Your baby bump is also going to become visible to the world now, and your hips and waist will thicken. You can buy maternity smocks or tops that keep you cool and comfortable while your body grows. Avoid buying fitted tops and synthetic materials during your pregnancy.

* Pay attention to your diet. What you eat and how much you eat during your pregnancy determines the baby’s physical growth and mental development. You may be wrongly advised to ‘eat for two’ – eating twice as much as you normally eat will cause rapid weight gain that can put you and the baby at risk. Ask your doctor for a diet chart and how much extra calorific intake is necessary for the baby’s growth. Consuming seasonal produce prepared with less salt and oil is fine, along with drinking a lot of fluids (avoid alcohol and coffee).

* Pay attention to your back. The baby grows rapidly during the second trimester, and you will begin to feel the baby’s rising weight for the first time during this phase. Your back takes most of the weight, and the lower back soon begins to hurt. You can ask a professional pregnancy trainer for some exercise tips for pregnancy. Stretch gently to relieve the tension, do yoga to keep the joints limber, and get a massage every week to keep the back supple and strong.

* Avoid chemical cleaners. If you are a homemaker, then chances are that you are in charge of cleaning the house. But do overhaul your stores during this time: stay away from chemical sprays, cleaners and soaps, and use natural substances like lemon juice and salt to clean different surfaces. Vinegar, diluted hydrogen peroxide and baking soda are good cleaning agents that will not harm you or the baby.

We hope these simple pregnancy tips help you stay safe and comfortable during this wonderful phase of your life.

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