Wrong Idea’s About Diabetes

Wrong Idea’s About Diabetes

Does sweet play more than diabetes?

There is no link to diabetes directly with sweet eating. Diabetes can be too sweet if not eating. In fact, family history, weight gain, unhealthy foods, physical inactivity etc. increase the risk of diabetes. Playing more of the sweet leads to increased risk of weight gain (because of high caloric intake) and this leads to some risk of indirect risk of diabetes.

The latest treatment of insulin in diabetes

Insulin A diabetic may take any time to the patient’s life. Especially during pregnancy, before and after any major surgery, during any serious illness such as heart attack, stroke or severe infections, kidney or liver complications, insulin is the most reliable and safe treatment. Apart from this, due to the increase in blood sugar levels, insulin will be needed. It does not matter that insulin is being given to mean that your condition is very complicated or you are morbid.

If you use insulin once you have to give it all your life

That’s not the case. There may be insulin requirements for various reasons. Once again, it can be changed by changing medicine. Once the pregnancy is over or after the surgery, the insulin can be stopped once the medicine is dry. However, if type 1 diabetes, severe kidney and liver problems, and even if the sugar is not regulated by using the highest level of medicines, in these cases all insulin will be used.

If there is diabetes, no fruit can be eaten

What can be eaten or not if diabetes depends on the glacial index of the food. How fast can one of the foods increase the blood sugar? The glycemic index is its measurement. Most of the fruits have a lot of fiber because of their blood slowly absorbed and their glycemic index is not so much. As a result, sugar levels are a little higher, they can also be eaten at specific levels.

If the pregnant mother has diabetes then the baby is diabetes

If there is a pregnancy diabetes, the mother of the unborn child suffers at various risks. For example: abortion, birth before birth, sudden death in pregnancy, birth due to excess weight, complications of birth, etc. Immediately after birth, the baby’s blood sugar may be reduced, there may be convulsions or shortness of breath. But that child will be born with diabetes, that’s not right. But the risk of having diabetes is a little higher than the other after being older.

It is not possible to live a normal life while diabetes

If the sugar is well-controlled and a disciplined life, a diabetic patient will be able to lead normal life as well as ten people. Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Larry King or Wasim Akram, many star figures in the world are living a wonderful life with diabetes. Diabetes could not fade away Miss America Nichol Johnson or the beauty of world-renowned beauty Salma Hayek So there is nothing to be disappointed with diabetes. Discipline, healthy eating habits and regular exercise – these are the three main ways of living nicely with diabetes.

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