5 Things Your Gynecologist Wants to Tell You Before Birth

5 Things Your Gynecologist Wants to Tell You Before Birth

Most pregnancies reach full-term without complications. However, a woman could be at a risk of UTI, preeclampsia, premature labor and gestational diabetes. Further, a mother to be can also experience mental health conditions like sad mood, appetite changes, feeling of worthlessness or trouble in decision making, according to an article by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These have the potential of a long-term impact on the baby. You might also overlook your reproductive health while managing these conditions.

The good news is that top gynaecologists in Delhi specialize in women’s health with extra focus on female organs. They will ensure the best possible prenatal, birthing and postpartum journey. In fact, they will also offer professional advice to take good care of your body. So, if you are pregnant, here are a few things your gynecologist wants to tell you.

Vaginal Health  

You might see extra vaginal discharge during your pregnancy. It is usually white and thin in the initial days. As your due date approaches, it becomes thicker with mild odor. This is normal and you do not have to worry. However, if the discharges are heavy; consider seeing the doctor. Sometimes, it could indicate at yeast infections, trichomoniasis and bacterial vaginosis. Further, consider a checkup in case of vaginal bleeding or swelling.

Pregnancy Massage

Perineal massage helps lower the chances of vaginal tearing experienced by 40-80% women during birth, says a top gynaecologist in Delhi. Otherwise, you might require stitching followed by sexual discomfort later. Therefore, stretch the tissue located in between the opening of the vagina and anus gently. Use one or two fingers to perform this at home. It will help prepare the muscles to accommodate the baby’s head for premium birthing in Delhi.


Sometimes, breast cancer is diagnosed when a woman is pregnant. Therefore, you must visit top gynecologists who can plan a careful treatment without harming the growing fetus. However, the radiations are mostly small and focused on the breasts only. Therefore, there are rare chances of the baby getting affected. In fact, a lead shield is kept on the belly for added protection.


Pregnancy leads to an increased release of progesterone which boosts hair growth. Therefore, if you wish to remove your pubes, consider shaving instead of waxing. The area becomes extremely sensitive and vulnerable due to extra blood flow. Pulling the skin at this point would be quite painful. However, during the last days of pregnancy the vagina is barely visible. So, for a safe grooming, do take professional help.

Safe Sex During Pregnancy

The fetus is surrounded by amniotic fluid in the uterus. Therefore, sexual activities will not affect the baby in any way. It will not lead to miscarriage or discomfort. Consider safe positions which are comfortable and pleasurable. But, if your partner has been recently diagnosed with STDs, avoid all forms of sex. Also, stay away from intercourse in case of vaginal bleeding, cervical incompetence or leaking fluids.

For premium birthing in Delhi, consider booking labor rooms at top women’s luxury hospital. The highly qualified healthcare professionals are committed to offer excellent facilities and treatment for a safe delivery.

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