Curves Ahead: How To Get The Body Shape You Always Wanted

Curves Ahead: How To Get The Body Shape You Always Wanted

A curvy body that stops the world in its tracks…this is the dream of every woman, whether she admits it or not! But sadly, not every woman has the figure she desires, so some effort must be made to attain it through exercise, healthy eating or a medical intervention.

This article outlines three ways to get the curvy body that you have always wanted:

#1 Get a doctor to uncover your actual curves.

It’s not always easy to get the body you want and deserve by exercising or eating right. Sometimes, a doctor’s intervention can do what hours of working out cannot – effectively burn all the unwanted fat bundles in your body for the long term. If you are squeamish or unmotivated about working out or adopting a super active lifestyle, you should schedule an appointment to explore Cooltech fat freezing. This is a wonder treatment that essentially ‘freezes’ the fat cells and destroys them, after which they are naturally purged by the body’s lymphatic and waste drainage systems. Only the targeted fat is removed from the desired areas, thus giving you the sculpted body you have been dreaming about. You can choose Cooltech fat freezing in UAE’s premium skin and beauty care clinics.

#2 Get athletic for a muscly look.

If you are game about exercising and achieving the body of your dreams, then you are in for a longer haul. Results vary as per exercise intensity, frequency, body and fat type, age, metabolism, diet, etc. Some women prefer to have an athletic body, with toned muscles and no jiggly bits anywhere. You can research the best cardio and strength training exercises to achieve the desired results. A combination of the two will aid in regular fat loss and muscle toning and strength. Over a period of time, invest more time in strength training using weights, your body weight, resistance bands, etc. Weight training helps the muscles become stronger and shed the stubborn fat cells – the muscles must burn the surrounding fat to rebuild themselves after the exercise. If you want to maintain the muscle shape and weight, you can consume a doctor-recommended protein powder/shake every day.

#3 Go the dance way for softer curves.

However, some women want to look dainty and feminine and do not like the muscled look cultivated in gyms. They can opt for another form of exercise that will aid fat loss while keeping their muscles firm and feminine – through dance! Some forms of ‘dancercise’ like Zumba, Rumba and Hip Hop offer excellent cardio workouts that burn fat rapidly through rhythmic, increasingly challenging movements. Besides, they are so much fun to do as well! Enlist for a dance-exercise class in the UAE at your preferred level – Basic/Beginner if you haven’t done it before, or Intermediate if you’re going back after a break. Dancing and exercising with a group motivates you to keep in step and improve on your agility in every single session.

#4 Go swimming or biking.

Not everybody enjoys working out in the gym or joining a class with a group. Outdoor exercise is best for them! There are many ways to get a workout in the outdoor spaces, and the UAE affords many arenas for them. For instance, you can get your cycle out and whiz around the block to build up a sweat. Or you can go swimming to get an all-body workout that burns fat rapidly (ensure you eat a healthy snack right after, because you will get hungry!) You can also try brisk walking or jogging, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, With any kind of exercise or medical procedure to remove fat (such as Cooltech fat freezing) it is important to complement the effort with a healthy diet. Most of the fat in our bodies comes from the food we eat, so a diet overhaul is necessary to keep the unwanted fat away. Ask a nutritionist to draw up a daily diet for you, comprising good fats, a medium-sized portion of carbs, natural sugar, vitamins, proteins and minerals. You should also consider taking Omega 3 and vitamin supplements for bone and heart health.

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