4 Ways to Take Care of Premature Baby Care at Home

4 Ways to Take Care of Premature Baby Care at Home

Premature babies are babies born before the completion of thirty-six weeks in the mother’s womb. Since it is premature birth and appropriate time is not consumed, the organs of these babies are not fully developed. Also, their immune system is not as strong to fight off the diseases and infections effectively; hence there is a special need of taking care of them until they develop and grow healthy. 

The premature baby is completely under the special care of the doctor and professional experts. However, it is fine until the baby is in the hospital, but the real challenge starts when the baby comes home. Given below are some tips to take care of them.

1. Follow The Advice of Only the Paediatrician – It is strongly recommended by consultants and the paediatrician that the parents strictly follow their doctors’ advice. Apart from that, they should not follow anything their good-willing relatives suggest to follow. The parents must remember that the doctor knows the best.

2. Ensure The Baby Gets the Best Nutrition – Everyone knows that breastmilk is the best nutrition for the baby, and this statement does not stand false even in premature babies. It may be sometimes possible that the baby does not latch with the mother’s breasts; in this case, a baby should be given the milk through other tools and express it to them so that they can get it.

If the mother is working and cannot be present for a baby for a long time, then the milk should be stored for them. The doctors at the best children’s hospital near me suggest that nothing else like buffalos’ milk or cow milk should be given to the baby. The mother should not even think about the feeding formula.

3. Prevent The Baby from Getting Infected – The most challenging and the most important task after the baby comes from the hospital to home is to prevent them from getting infected. The babies develop their immunity in the last three months of the pregnancy; however, since it is premature birth, this is not possible, which may lead to complications in the immunity. 

For this, the parents must take care that there are minimum or no visitors after the baby comes home.

4. Keep The Baby Warm – There is nothing safe for a premature baby than the warmth of the mother close to her heart. The babies will feel secure and safe when they are close to their mothers. The mothers can place their babies between their breasts following the kangaroo approach, enabling the baby to listen to the mother’s heartbeat. The baby will feel warm and secure, which will help in their growth.

The parents are worried about the health of their premature babies but need not worry. Just follow the above guidelines, and the baby will grow into a healthy adult.

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