5 Ways to Achieve a Silky-Smooth Skin in 2021 and Beyond

5 Ways to Achieve a Silky-Smooth Skin in 2021 and Beyond

Dream to achieve silky smooth skin like the Kardashian sisters and bedazzle your privates like Jennifer Love Hewitt? There are several ways to have that perfect Goddess-like skin glow and smoothness.

Here are 5 tips to get velvety smooth skin in 2021 and beyond.

  1. Remove your body hair regularly

Women can’t have super-smooth skin with body hair. So, regular body hair removal for women is important. If you want to get it done at the salon, regular sessions can add up to cost a lot. Plus, it’s uncomfortable to open up your privates for salon grooming.

So, use the following affordable and effective hair removers at home:

  • Ready-to-use cold wax strips: Just apply them along the hair growth direction, wait a bit, and pull the opposite way. The strips uproot even 1.5mm short stubborn hair. So, you aren’t left with prickly stubble but instant hair-free smooth skin that lasts up to 4 weeks. You can use full-body wax strips for your bikini line, arms, underarms, and legs. Cut the strips into desired lengths to precisely remove hair on body curves and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Hair removal cream: You can apply this cream against the hair growth direction. Then glide a spatula along the direction of hair growth to gently depilate. The best hair removal cream ensures painless depilation for the bikini area too. The best hair removers like certain wax strips and depilatory cream can mask body odour with the fragrance of berries, jasmine, lily, and lotus flower.
  • Sensitive touch electric trimmer: Its blades never touch your skin. So, you won’t get nicks or cuts. You can choose from different precision heads in one device to accurately trim, shape, or shave body hair. You can safely use the trimmer for your bikini line, facial hair, eyebrows, and underarms.
  1. Exfoliate the Skin

Exfoliate your skin so that dead skin cells don’t make your skin feel rough. For that, use a gentle scrubber at least once a week (or once a fortnight if you have sensitive skin). Using wax strips also performs exfoliation as a bonus!

  1. Moisturize Your Body

Moisturize the skin regularly with a product that contains, for example, Shea Butter for normal skin, and Vitamin E, almond oil, and Aloe Vera for sensitive and dry skin types. Interestingly, the best hair removers like special depilatory creams and wax strips also provide these nourishing and hydrating formulations! Moisturization can double up the smoothness of your skin after depilation!

  1. Hydrate Your Body

When the body is dehydrated, your skin also becomes dry. So, try hydrating your skin from the inside by drinking lots of water. Once the skin regains its moisture content, it will look smooth and glowing naturally!

  1. Avoid Bathing in Very Hot Water

Extremely hot water acts as a dehydrator to dry up your skin and hair. As the temperature of the weather rises, start taking cooler baths or showers. This keeps your skin’s moisture content unaffected and helps moisturizers and hair removers work better. Results are smoother, healthier skin!

Follow the above tips closely to enjoy long-lasting ultra-smooth skin that shines bright like a diamond!

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