Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) - a valuable gift from modern science

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) – a valuable gift from modern science

ART stands for Assisted Reproductive Technology. It refers to the infertility treatment that a person goes through to achieve pregnancy. It involves a number of treatment methodologies and should be used by people who have already gone through other processes but have not been able to conceive. Following treatment, procedures are included in the ART-

IUI- IUI stands for Intrauterine Insemination. It is a procedure in which sperm is placed into the uterus after washing and keeping it under observation for a few days in the lab. It is done when the woman is ovulating. The process is highly effective and used when

  • The women have cervical issues.
  • The couple is not able to have intercourse properly.
  • Men have erectile dysfunction.
  • The sperm count of the man is low.
  • Men who are suffering from retrograde ejaculation.

The success rate of Intrauterine Insemination is generally 20 per cent. It is considered to be a very budget-friendly treatment and very less invasive as compared to other methodologies. It is advised to wait for at least three cycles before moving to any other treatment method. The method can be used in combination with medications that help in stimulating ovulation. There are chances that the combination increases the chances of conception in some cases.

IVF- IVF refers to In Vitro Fertilization. It is one of the most highly effective and popular treatments for infertility. The process requires the sperms to be washed and concentrated in the lab. Eggs and sperm are processed together and then transferred to the uterus after the proper fertilization. The embryo is placed in the female body through a long thin tube and then directly injected into a proper place. The success rate of IVF treatmentis very high and it is rare that the treatment does not yield great results. One can easily find hospitals that offer IVF treatment in Delhi, Bangalore, or any other city.

Third-party involvement– In case the couple is not able to conceive through traditional methods of infertility treatments, it is best to consider third party assistance in the procedure.

The couple can choose any one of the following options for the third party assisted ART method in order to get pregnant-

  • Surrogacy- Surrogacy is the method that is performed when a woman cannot carry the pregnancy for a full term. In this case, they can choose a surrogate mother who is ready to get inseminated with the sperm of the male of a particular couple.
  • Sperm donation- If the man has a low sperm count or there is a threat of any serious genetic disease, the couple must consider the option of the sperm donor. This method can be used in IVF pregnancy or IUI.
  • Embryo adoption- The process is also called embryo donation. There are people who choose to donate their embryos if they think they do not want to expand their family for the time being or any further. The recipient woman can carry the embryo then and experience pregnancy.
  • Egg donation- This process needs to be done when a woman’s eggs are not healthy enough to be fertilized properly. The couple can choose to receive eggs from a third party and then the embryo can be placed into the recipient’s body to get the results.


The ART is indeed a gift from modern science and technology and helps many couples experience the joy of parenthood. There are various options available for treatment that one can choose from depending upon the severity of their condition.

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