The Busy Girl’s Guide to An Intimate Hygiene Regime

The Busy Girl’s Guide to An Intimate Hygiene Regime

A busy schedule and time for intimate hygiene aren’t exactly easy to juggle. However, ensuring a regular intimate hygiene regime as just as important as having your breakfast without excuses. While the vagina is a self-cleaning organ, it still requires your support in ensuring good health and hygiene at all times. Remember, good intimate hygiene may start with period pads but it doesn’t end there. While you don’t need to set aside dedicated time on a daily basis for the same, it is important that you factor in certain habits within your existing schedule. Here are some simple yet effective habits that will ensure good hygiene without disrupting your daily schedule.

Invest in panty liners

It is almost impossible to remember and carry extra fresh underwear in your bag every day. Unfortunately, that can mean spending 8 to 12 hours in the same damp underwear. A clean and dry environment is crucial to good vaginal health and hygiene, away from the potential threat of microbes and infections that thrive when your vagina is in constant contact with damp underwear. This is where panty liners can up your intimate hygiene game. Simply stock them in your bag and use them on the go, whenever required. Even when compared to the best of period pads, they are a lot more lightweight, slim, and far from bulky to cause you the slightest physical discomfort.

Disinfect shared toilet seats

This may seem like a tad too much at first. But it takes less than 5 seconds to spray a disinfectant before you use a shared toilet seat. Of course, depending on how prone you are to infections, you may not need to do this all the time. However, since prevention is the best cure, make sure to do so at least when visiting restrooms with high footfalls. This could be hotels, airports, flights, restaurants and co-working spaces. After all, all you need to do is add it your list of monthly purchases and carry it along with you in your purse at all times. Finally, make sure you do this when you are menstruating since you need more than just the best period pads to ensure good hygiene during this time of the month.

Use an intimate wash

While ensuring external hygiene is important, maintaining internal hygiene is equally important when it comes to good health for your intimate area. This is where the right intimate foaming wash can make a huge difference. Make it part of your daily shower routine. While there are several myths out there about how an intimate wash can kill the good bacteria along with the bad, this isn’t true. Especially when you opt for an intimate wash from brands like Nua. Its pH balanced gentle cleanser is especially formulated to fight only infection-causing bacteria, while preserving the good ones. Further, it comes with zero parabens and sulphates, which makes it safe for everyday use. You might especially want to use it when you are menstruating for a feel good experience apart from the hygiene factor.

Now that you know atleast 3 effective ways in which you can ensure good intimate hygiene despite your busy schedule, remember, you always want to carry hygiene products, including period pads, with you on regular basis to avoid emergency situations. After all, it can be stressful to restock your purse on busy weekdays basis calendar dates. For the best period pads that offer a rash-free, toxin-free and highly comfortable experience, do check out Nua’s period pads.

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