Winter Recipes that you must have in Indian Weddings

Winter Recipes that you must have in Indian Weddings

Enchant the band, baaja and baraat with homemade Indian dessert recipes, perfect for a wedding.

They’re loud, they’re boisterous and they’re so much fun! Nothing can match the fun quotient of an Indian wedding, with all its music, dancing friends and family, the most fun rituals and the last emotional parting of the girl from her family. High on emotion, drama and yummy food, Indian weddings create memories for a lifetime.

But you have to be careful about the kind of sweets you serve at the wedding. You don’t want to skimp on dishing out an array of Indian sweets, but you don’t want to have ordinary fare either. Here are our suggestions for the best winter Indian dessert recipes you can try:

* Gajar ka halwa. Is there a person in the country that can resist the lure of hot, yummy gajar ka halwa? The allure of this excellent Indian dessert just doesn’t die down, even if you’re accustomed to eating it every other week at home. Surprise and delight your guests with a vat of freshly made gajar ka halwa that you whip up yourself. If you’re too busy with the festivities to make carrot halwa yourself, give the caterer your easy recipe and have them dish out bowls of the stuff to everybody present.

* Gulab jamun. If gajar halwa is on the menu, can gulab jamun be far behind? Like carrot halwa, gulab jamuns are a wedding staple – you will find your guests and the other assorted baraatis sauntering around with bowls of the sweet delight as they meet up with friends and family. Gulab jamuns are a great way to tie up the celebrations in a sweet manner, and they are so easy to make as well.

* Motichoor laddoos. They signify celebrations and new beginnings, and what else is a wedding if not that? Laddoos are welcome in any shape and form, but motichoor laddoos are an excellent welcome snack. Make your own motichoor laddoos with a simple recipe, and pass them around as the festivities begin. You will find people dancing with laddoos in their hands! Plus, they are a great welcome snack for the bride and groom.

* Moong dal halwa. Nothing says decadent Indian dessert like moong dal halwa. And it doesn’t have to follow the traditional, long winded recipe either. A simple recipe employing Milkmaid condensed milk can do wonders as well. Have a large vat of the stuff ready, because guests will simply not be able to resist it once the covers are lifted ready for serving!

* Pedhas. Just like motichoor laddoos, pedhas signify a celebration and they are a much-preferred welcome snack. The good news is, you can make pedhas in many flavours and using simple milk recipes or more intricate dry fruit ones. Try flavours like butterscotch and mango for an unusual twist on your taste buds.

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