Use these food styling tips to encourage kids to finish tiffin

Use these food styling tips to encourage kids to finish tiffin

Kids are picky eaters. They almost throw a fit when it comes to eating green veggies or fruits. Even if you try to get creative with tiffin snacks and meals, kids always want to try and eat something new and different.

Running out of ideas for packing healthy tiffin meals is normal. So what would you do to make kids finish their meal? We have got some tips and kids tiffin ideas right here.

1. Add some coriander leaves

Even though your food tastes good if the presentation is not attractive, your kids won’t eat it. Coriander leaves add more color and aroma to your food. Whatever you are packing in your kid’s tiffin – wraps, gravy or noodles – sprinkling some chopped coriander leaves will definitely get their attention to their lunch box make them try a bite of delicious-looking food.

2. Add toppings works magic

Have you seen those great pictures of food dishes over social media? You must have noticed that toppings make average looking food look better. Depending upon what meal you’re packing add some chopped fruits or spices as a food topping. You can even use curd or sauce to present rolls, parathas, and wraps in a tempting way.

3. Spread sauce to add some fun

Even though you have tons of recipes to try and pack for your kid’s tiffin every day, there comes a time when you have no option but to fill the tiffin with simple veggies and chapattis. But with simple presentation trick and these tiffin ideas, you can make it interesting. Instead of packing chapati and sabji separately, spread these cooked veggies on chapati and put a layer of sauce over it. Next, roll chapatti, and the tasty and interesting stuffed veggies roll is ready! To make it more interesting, you can even cut the rolls in half and pack them in tiffin so kids could see colorful filling inside chapati and instantly grab a roll.

4. Pack food in a different style

Food presentation depends on how you serve or pack the food. On a busy morning, it’s normal to pack chapati or rice and veggies together. But just spend a minute more and pack food well in different sections and layers. Also, add some colorful veggies like chopped onions, tomatoes or carrots to make the food look more colorful. Put cabbage leaves in tiffin and then put a spoonful of rice or chapati wraps or rolls on it. Sprinkle some grated cabbage as well. It will surely give a healthy twist to your food that your kids would love to savor.

Food styling tips make even average-looking food look more delicious. Try these tips and see your kids will start loving and finishing their meals at school.

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