5 tips to keep a your child's growth on track

5 tips to keep a your child’s growth on track

As a parent, we always want to ensure that we are giving our children the best of the environment to support their development. This makes parenting a challenging job.

In the following article, we speak about how to keep your child’s growth on track.

1.    Balanced diet:

One of the major contributors to good health and healthy growth is a regular intake of a balanced diet. Ensure that your toddler’s daily dietary consumptions comprise of foods that are rich in calcium, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Once your toddler has begun eating proper solids then, include whole grains, fresh fruits, oatmeal, poultry, fish, vegetables, soybeans and kidney beans, etc. in their diet.

Foods such as pumpkin, nuts and seeds, wheat germ and crab are rich in iron and zinc which strengthens the immune system and supports the human growth development. Including milk and dairy products will ensure their intake of vitamin D, iron, calcium and essential minerals for the growth.

2.    Happy and positive environment:

It may not seem so tough on the surface, but, a child goes through a lot emotionally and mentally during the physical development or every development stage in their life. At this time it is the family, friends and near ones that they seek help from. Keeping the overall environment happy and healthy during this time helps as it cuts down the external trauma for the child. It also helps if the parents interact with the child during this period. Say positive and encouraging things to your toddler. Appreciate the effort they put in everything.

3.    Sleep, naps and rests:

Another essential factor to remember during the growth of your child is the amount of sleep your toddler takes. Many times, this factor is ignored but, maximum growth stimulation takes place when your toddler is sleeping or napping. Sleep also has a positive effect on the body and mind it helps your toddler to calm down, mends the daily wear and tear of the tissues and enhances the efficiency of the toddler. This also stimulates the child’s growth, especially the physical and mental aspect.

4.    Outdoor activities:

Engaging your toddler in outdoor activity also supports the child’s growth. While toddlers grow, they tend to have high energy levels which if not channelized properly can convert into negative energy. Their hyperactive nature and surplus creation energy on a day-to-day basis makes the child want to engage in more physical activities. So, a dance class or martial arts or even taking up a sport is a good idea around this time.

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