3 Ways To Beat The Signs Of Aging From Your Skin

3 Ways To Beat The Signs Of Aging From Your Skin

Aging is a natural process that challenges all of us. It shows its first signs on the skin, with dryness, wrinkles and spots. Soon, it progresses to other organs of the body and impacts bone and muscle health. Those over 50 years of age begin to experience lower lung power and higher uptick in bone and muscle fatigue. It’s all down to aging, which you really cannot do much about.

However, there are ways to accept aging gracefully and prepare for it by adopting a healthier lifestyle. Age need not bring pain and disease with it. More importantly, it need not make you look and feel much older than your actual biological age. It can be a part of your life without lowering your self esteem or ruining your looks. By incorporating exercise, longer hours of sleep and a better diet in your life, you can keep away the usual signs and disorders associated with aging for a long time to come.

The skin – the first mirror to an aging you

The skin and hair often tell the story of your internal health and age much faster than other things can. Your age begins to manifest itself on the skin at first – it shows up in the form of sagging and loose skin, wrinkles, dullness, discoloured patches and age spots. Aging sets in when you are in your mid-20s, though the skin is quick to attack these signs at first. Over time, and as the 30s roll around, your skin begins to lose its natural ability to repair and restore itself as fast as it used to.

Thus, your visage in your 30s is dramatically different to what it used to be in your 20s, and it’s all about the aging going on in your body. But you are not condemned to looking old for the rest of your life. We see so many men and women that don’t look a day over 30 though they may be in their 40s and 50s, and it’s not down to surgical procedures or genetics. It is about leading a disciplined lifestyle and taking care of the skin to the best of your ability.

So how can you have flawless, younger-looking skin even as you decide to embrace aging with dignity? The following are 3 simple ways to beat the signs of aging in your skin:

#1 Get your dermatologist to eliminate aging from your skin.

If aging has already started leaving its ugly marks on your skin, then the time for self-diagnosis and DIY home remedies is past. It is time to seek your dermatologist’s help, pronto. The best dermatologists in Dubai have a variety of skin rejuvenation treatments and therapies to suggest, depending on the extent of aging and the marks it has already started leaving on your skin. If aging has recently set in and is manifesting itself with acne, dryness and fine lines, then the doctor may suggest skin rejuvenation treatments or even regular sessions with chemical peels to restore hydration and impart radiance. On the other hand, if there are visible wrinkles on the skin, then you might need a round of Botox injections. Botox injections are safe and they do not cause any pain post-procedure, but they must be administered by an experienced doctor for the best results. You might need repeat sessions every six or eight months, to keep the wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

#2 Give your skin more TLC than you used to.

Your skin behaves differently in every decade of your life, and the natural aging process has a lot to do with it. The youthful glow of the teenage years and your early 20s soon gives way to dullness, fine lines, undereye circles, acne and pigmentation. Try as you might, you cannot fight off these signs, but you can keep them off your skin for a little bit longer with extra TLC for your skin. Adopt a daily skin care routine that uses superior products that cleanse, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. Start your day by cleansing your skin, then following up with toner (to close enlarged pores) and moisturiser (to lock in hydration). Apply sunscreen lotion with SPF 30 or above, and replenish it every three hours. Meanwhile, your dermatologist can recommend skin serums and creams to boost collagen production, aid cellular repair and boost restoration. Be mindful about which products you use and how you use them if you’ve recently had Botox injections.

#3 Pay attention to what you eat and drink.

Let’s face it – your skin and body cannot process food and drink the way it used to. You could get away with eating junk food and drinking fizzy drinks through your 20s, but the same food now makes you pile on the pounds and ruins your skin tone. Your diet has a large role to play in how your skin looks and feels – a healthy diet helps the skin stay younger for longer because it receives regular nutrition and moisture. Stay away from junk food and colas, and stock up on fresh seasonal produce, lean meat, water-based fruit, green tea, dry fruit, nuts and seeds. Food should be cooked in less oil and using less salt, with zero white sugar. Honey, jaggery and brown sugar are good substitutes for white sugar if you feel like making dessert. After rehauling your diet, you will begin to see the changes in your skin – it will be less oily, and be smoother and more even toned than before.

What’s next?

Get a consult with a leading dermatologist in Dubai to know more about regular skin care and how to keep aging from setting into your skin. The doctor can do a thorough skin analysis and recommend a suitable course of action for you, comprising a changed diet and suitable treatments. Following the doctor’s advice diligently will ensure that your skin recovers its good health and becomes radiant, soft and younger-looking.

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