How often should I wash my hair if I have dandruff?

How often should I wash my hair if I have dandruff?

Should you wash your hair daily if you have dandruff on the scalp? Shampooing your hair is healthy but only when done to a limit. An excess of anything is bad for your hair. Experts suggest shampooing once or twice a week but some people end up doing more. This leaves a negative impact on your hair. You may end up getting a dry, itchy, and irritating scalp. So, does it mean should you not shampoo your hair? 

Well, not shampooing for a few days is fine for you. It won’t do any damage to your hair but for dandruff-containing hair, it is crucial to choose a regular shampoo. A medicated anti-dandruff shampoo will work but let’s find out the answer in full detail. 

What triggers you to shampoo your hair?

Most of our readers will answer that dirt, dandruff, itchy and oily scalp push them for shampooing. In the case of dandruff, also referred to as seborrheic dermatitis, you will feel the need to wash your hair more often than needed. In fact, that’s the need of the hour because you require a regular shampoo for fighting dandruff present on your hair. 

Dandruff occurs on your hair when the scalp is oily and itchy. The shampoo is made for washing excess oil present on your scalp and removing grime. It aggravates the condition so always be sure of using a medicated dandruff removal shampoo with a herbal conditioner. It can be used daily for preventing the build-up of dandruff. 

How Medimix hair fall and dandruff shampoo can help you?

Like your hair, your hair also requires care and nourishment which it gets from sebum production or by the shampoo you use. Most of the shampoo is designed to remove sebum and dirt by trapping them and then being washed when you rinse off with water. Thus, it loses natural oil from your scalp and enables healthy growth of hair and keeping scalp moisturized. 

When you shampoo your hair, always be careful while buying one. You will need an essential oils-rich shampoo for combating the loss of Sebum. Otherwise, you will get a dry and itchy scalp, which can only increase dandruff instead of reducing them. 

Also, you need to follow some techniques for washing your hair properly. Take some amount of Medimix shampoo for hair fall and dandruff. It will prevent hair loss too. Lather it by rubbing with both hands. Wait for some minutes before rinsing off so that the shampoo penetrates deep into the innermost layers of the scalp. 

Thing to Remember

There is no shampoo that can give you relief from all your hair problems. So, you have to choose a shampoo based on what problem you are facing. As you have dandruff, we have already suggested what’s best for you. However, that’s not enough because you have to make some dietary changes too. Not drinking a sufficient amount of water and expecting the shampoo to work on your hair is a bad idea. Therefore, follow a healthy lifestyle. Do some work out as it will stimulate sebum production. As a result, your hair stays hydrated and moisturized. In addition, reduce the use of shampoo when your symptoms start improving. Don’t wait for a miracle, please. 


It’s hard for people to say no to shampoo when that’s the only hope for making your scalp and hair dandruff-free. If you want to get shiny, smooth, and dandruff-free hair, get Medimix anti-dandruff scalp treatment shampoo. Don’t let your head keep any extra unwanted burden. 

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