5 Ways to Keep Your Reproductive Health in the Best Shape

5 Ways to Keep Your Reproductive Health in the Best Shape

Keeping the reproductive system in good shape has tons of benefits. It lowers the chances of endometriosis, uterine fibroids and gynecologic cancer, along with AIDS and STDs, according to an article by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Further, it helps you to conceive and deliver in the most natural way possible, without any complications. So, if you wish to maintain a healthy female reproductive system for the longest time, consider following these tips recommended by the best gynecologists in South Delhi.

1. Nutritious Diet

Create a diet packed with low fat and fiber rich foods. Include loads of magnesium, which is known to reduce the likelihood of sugar cravings, headaches and poor blood sugar levels, linked with pre-menstrual syndrome. In fact, you can also consider foods like milk and dairy products with high calcium content. These are able to control PMS related fatigue and discomfort. Also, start taking folic acid and keep yourself sufficiently hydrated at all times.

2. Practice Safe Sex  

Ensuring adequate protection is crucial to lower the chances of sexual infections. These include genital warts, PID, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis. These have the potential to permanently damage your reproductive system. Therefore, know the sexual history of your partner to ensure they are safe before engaging in intercourse. Lastly, if you are not planning a baby, encourage the male to wear a condom.

3. Get Regular Checkups

Pay attention to any infections or unnatural sensations in the genitals. If these persist for a long time, look for the best hospital for delivering baby in Delhi. Chances are, they will have top-notch gynecologists to help you out. They are able to resolve all kinds of reproductive issues before the matter worsens. In fact, you can also get yourself tested to check for underlying complications and get them treated on time.

4. Take Care of Menstrual Health

That time of the month is usually identified with physical pain and psychological complications. However, there are things you can do to make yourself comfortable. Use heat pads, take safe over-the-counter pain medication and exercise regularly. You can also listen to calming music and sleep longer for added relief. Drink hot beverages like tea or coffee to sooth the pain. Having a positive menstrual cycle can have a good impact on your reproductive cycle.

5. Consider Regular Orgasms

Orgasms boost the release of healthy hormones and trigger positive psychological changes. High levels of estrogen are able to create a perfect environment for sperms to survive. This increases a woman’s chances of pregnancy. Therefore, regular sex can help increase reproductive health. In fact, it is also good for your emotional well-being, which is able to keep the body happy and healthy.

Besides these lifestyle choices, consider avoiding tobacco and nicotine, manage stress and ensure regular physical activities. Also, if you are pregnant, make sure to book your room early at the best hospital for delivering a baby in Delhi. Efficient teams and high-end medical support can prevent health complications during pregnancy, which goes a long way in maintaining disease-free reproductive organs.

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