How to Prepare Your Child for an Open Heart Surgery

How to Prepare Your Child for an Open Heart Surgery

Regardless of your age or experience, an open heart surgery can be intimidating. And if it is a pediatric surgery, both the child and the parents could be stressed. The good news is that highly trained child heart specialists, along with world-class technology, ensure a comprehensive care plan. Unmatched expertise is combined with personalized treatment for optimal results.

However, a child might require help to cope with the process. This will have them feeling relaxed and confident, which can aid in quick recovery. So, take a look at how to prepare your little one for heart surgery.

Remind Them of Home

Top cardiac hospitals are designed with soothing hues and ambient lighting. To further help them feel at ease, try to create a familiar atmosphere. Bring their favorite toys, pillows, story books, blankets and pictures. This will help calm down an anxious child and help them sleep well. Patient-friendly surroundings, with healing vibes, can also improve the overall well-being.

Tell Them What to Expect

Prior knowledge of the procedure can prevent surprises. So, talk about how long it might take and introduce them to the surgical team. This way, the child might stop anticipating the surgery in their own ways and have a realistic idea of the steps. Use age-appropriate words and facial expressions to avoid scaring them.

Ensure Proper Reassurance

The child must know that hospital stay and surgery is no punishment. It is simply a fix to help them lead a better and happier life. Use simple meaningful sentences to free them of any worries and inhibitions. The right support and discussion can help the child deal with the post operative period better.

Give Them a Hospital Tour

Consider walking them through the hospital complex. The vibrant play area, strategically deigned wards and child-themed interiors can relax the child. A proper tour can also help them identify the usual sights, sounds and smells and normalize the experience. You can familiarize them with the nurses, child heart specialists and health-care professionals to avoid stranger anxiety. Additionally, a sneak peek into the surgery room can also be helpful.

Pre-Surgery Activities

On the day of the procedure, try to lighten the child’s mood. Play soothing music, take them for a walk, read fun books, crack jokes or watch something together. You can also help them reduce the fear of needles or waking up amid a surgery with constant affirmations. This is known to increase the child’s sense of control and they might be able to endure the process better.

Reduce Stress

Stress can increase the risks of complications during a surgery. Therefore, the child should be completely calm. They must understand that it is not an extremely lengthy process. Make sure your child is well-rested on the day of the operation. You can also encourage them to practice deep-breathing techniques to relax the nerves. The best pediatric heart surgeon in Hyderabad suggests an empty stomach before anesthesia. This is because the muscles relax and might push the food to the lungs. Listen to other similar instructions and follow them diligently to ensure a successful surgery.

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