Stop Period When You Want

Stop Period When You Want

Nearly all women suffer from less and more discomfort in the period. Especially if there is a period of time, especially in examinations, job interviews, long tours, stage performances, it is very uncomfortable. Participation in religious work also stopped.

Lifestyle changed in the 21st century. Many people do not chase physical disturbances at crucial moments of life. Many do not like to have a period of per month. If there is a period of three to four months intervals, then there will be a lot of exemptions. Or suppose that time is not a test, or an interview or any other important thing, if that period is a period, then how?

Many people think that way, but they do not really happen. Here, it’s no wonder. It may happen if you want it. In this context, we call it a period of time to say the sessional period.

It is difficult to have a lot of ideas about the period in our country. There is an idea from the Dadi-Thakumad’s regime that the period of closure of the period is bad for the body. Because menstrual blood or contaminated blood If you can not get out of the blood then get mad on the head. Etc. etc. These ridiculous arguments There is no line and writing in a medical book. Those who are suffering from premenstrual syndrome, or abdominal pain or over-bleeding problems, are terminated for three to four months as part of their treatment. So that they do not get this trouble each month. Apart from this, periods of pregnancy or breast feeding are automatically stopped. There is no moral problem in closing the period.

In fact, today’s modern girls also get tired of telling us to stop the period for various physical problems. They are pushing towards any serious problem. However, the study has been going on for a long time in the whole world by completely shutting down or delaying the period. Period of delay is one breath safe. Any reproductive woman can delay the period for a short period of time.

How the period is closed

For this, an artificial progesterone hormone supplement is given every day. Period begins with progesterone in the second half of the cycle cycle. Therefore if progesterone supplement is continued for two weeks, progesterone is not reduced to bludging.

When to stop Progesterone

Whenever you think that this time period is not a problem, then you have to stop the medication. However, it is to be remembered that at least seven days before the start of the progesterone period can be started. And it’s better if it’s ten or fifteen days ago. Progesterone is started from the 16th day of the last menstrual period.


The only warning during this type of treatment is that these drugs are not effective as contraceptives. So it is compulsory to test rapid pregnancy if the period does not start within seven days of the end of the tablet. Or, while keeping this period off, you should use some condoms in the relationship between husband and wife.

Contraceptive pill

Contraceptive pill is used to stop the period. Pelvic infection in the use of pills, sexual transmitted disease is less. Ovarian cysts also reduce the problem. The probability of ovarian cancer decreases. Pill is recommended to eat for twenty-one days per month. From the fifth day to the start of the period to the pills to the twenty-fifth day. Or in the five days of the period of the period, one day will start eating pill one day for twenty-one days. After that seven days will be closed. This period will be in period.

However, if the pill is eaten for 84 days continuously without taking any of seven days, ie eating twenty-four packets of twenty-four packets of twenty-four days, there will be no menstruation. After that, the seven-day small gaps will start again. It periodically span every three months.

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