How to take care of your gynecological health during a lockdown

How to take care of your gynecological health during a lockdown

With Bangalore and many other cities in India still under some form of lockdown and businesses and schools unsure of opening their doors, the COVID-19 virus is dramatically changing everyday life for people across the country, including the ones seeking reproductive health services.

In times of potential quarantining, months-long lockdowns, and social distancing, there’s no question that people will have anxiety over potential interruptions to pregnancy care and other reproductive health care. Some may even fear to visit their gynecologist in Bangalore to avoid getting infected.

Here are some insights on how to take care of your gynecological health during a lockdown.

How is the coronavirus affecting pregnant people? Are they more vulnerable?

According to currently available to data, pregnant people are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. However, pregnant patients may showcase similar symptoms to non-pregnant patients and not particularly show any severe complications or consequences. Neither do infants born seem to be showing COVID-19 infections. Cases of pre-term birth were also majorly attributed to other complications of their pregnancy, and not COVID-19. Still, pregnant people are at more risk for severe complications and even death from other viral respiratory infections like influenza and SARS. As a result, pregnant patients are often considered an at-risk population for COVID-19. Also, pregnant women with heart disease (congenital or acquired) are at highest risk. Get in touch with your gynecologist in Bangalore to know more about staying free of infections during this pandemic.

How to take contraception?

Contraception is taking a high priority during this period as couples are spending more and more time with each other, confined to their homes. Women, therefore, need to keep in mind the basic points about birth control techniques. The basic measure couples could implement is the following of the Calendar method, where they figure out the days of ovulation and avoid intercourse on the most fertile days. This can be a challenge for women with irregular cycles. Hence, use oral contraceptive pills as well as barrier contraception like condoms to prevent pregnancy. Avoid frequent use of emergency contraception pills as they are to be used only once and for actual emergencies like condom breakage. A gynecologist in Bangalore can guide you in understanding and using contraception effectively.

How should one maintain proper gynecological health during these trying times? 

Ask a gynecologist in Bangalore, and they’d probably advise a strict health routine during the lockdown period. People should preferably start their day with some healthy exercises like jogging or yoga for 45 minutes. The important point to absorb here is to be active. They should also focus on a nutritious, balanced diet. The meals should include more protein, calcium, and fiber. Also, one should ensure a sufficient intake of fluids. They should avoid spending a lot of time in the cyberspace. Curtailing screen time and focusing on indoor hobbies could help. Getting at least six to eight hours of sleep every day is paramount to good health. 

Your gynecological health is a key factor for a healthy pregnancy and also, a healthy life. Consider the insights mentioned above and always follow guidelines of your local gynecologist in Bangalore to make the decision that will be the best for your health.

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