Understanding the HSG test before you go for it

Understanding the HSG test before you go for it

Any woman trying to have a baby should have proper knowledge about the process. It will help them in the procedure related to pregnancy. The female reproductive parts are complex and require proper functioning to perform well. The ovaries of the body should produce the eggs properly. This process of producing eggs every month is called ovulation. The shape of the uterus should be good, and the functions of the fallopian tubes must be accurate to get pregnant.

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In case one of the parts involved in the female reproductive system is not working properly, then it can lead to infertility or difficulty in having kids. If the fallopian tubes are blocked, the sperm cannot reach the egg, or the fertilised egg cannot get implanted in the uterus. Your doctor or health physician can diagnose the conditions related to the body that is creating difficulty in having kids through the hysterosalpingogram.

What is the HSG test?

A hysterosalpingogram [HSG] test procedure is a method through which your doctor or physician can use the X-ray to have a look at your fallopian tubes and uterus. The test is completed in less than five to ten minutes, and the patient can go back home on the same day.

The procedure is generally done before the ovulation period as there are fewer chances of getting pregnant during this time. It is usually performed during the first half of the cycle, between the one to fourteen days of the menstrual cycle.

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How can I prepare for the HSG test?

If you are planning to take an HSG test, then there are chances that your doctor might advise you to consume a pain reliever medication an hour before the initiation of the test. They can also prescribe you an antibiotic. In addition, they will discuss the recommendations with you before the procedure.

You can also ask a friend or a loved one to accompany you for the test as there are chances an individual might not feel well or require help after the test.

How was the HSG test performed?

The HSG test is performed by a gynecologist in their clinic or office. They will start the process by asking the patient to lie on the table under the X-ray imager. The X-ray image is also known as a fluoroscope. Then a speculum will be inserted into the vagina to keep it open and clean the cervix.

Further, the process involves the insertion of the thin tube called a cannula into the cervix and the removal of the speculum. Your uterus will then be filled with an iodine liquid. The iodine contrasts with the fallopian tubes and uterus on the X-ray imager.


HSG test is usually recommended by the doctors to check the presence of any diseases or infertility and other related conditions. You should consult a health professional to get information about the aspects such as HSG test cost in India. You can also consult an IVF doctor in Hyderabad to get information about the test, minilaparotomy steps, etc. Also, Read – Infertility & Vaginal Infection

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