Looking to get treated at the best IVF clinic in Delhi? Here's how to choose one!

Looking to get treated at the best IVF clinic in Delhi? Here’s how to choose one!

If the next step in your life is to get pregnant, then you should look for all possible options. This includes looking for the fertility clinic in Delhi.

There are several reasons a fertility clinic might be a smart choice. Suppose you are having trouble getting pregnant, and until now, your gynaecologist has given you advice and has done some basic tests. They might have asked you to take a blood test for hormones or asked you to jot down your basal body temperature for a few months. They would have probably also performed ultrasounds and a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) test. At the same time, your partner would have been checked out by a urologist.

Considering the above situations, when the time comes to diagnosing the problem and suggesting solutions, you would naturally prefer a single doctor whom you could consult with your partner. That’s where the infertility specialist comes in.


The best way to ensure a successful conception is to have the best possible methods. With IVF proving to be one of the most efficient methods, it becomes difficult to find a good IVF clinic. And in a place like Delhi, more options bring more confusion.

So, let us help you.

Four important factors to consider before choosing the best IVF clinic in Delhi

About the Clinic

You must know about the clinic and all the services they are providing. Visit the hospital to get a closer look. Check out the treatment facilities, types of equipment, laboratories and other facilities offered by the centre. Once you are satisfied with your check, you will slowly develop more confidence from future interactions with the clinic.

Success Rate of the clinic

Checking out the success rate of the IVF centre is important. It will help to increase your confidence to make the best decision. Enquire about their annual report and how much guarantee they are giving to get into the process of treatment. While most of the centreswill mention their success rate on their website, you must verify the number. The bestIVF clinic in Delhi gives you assurance and guidance to put your effort towards a successful pregnancy.

Cost Factor

In India, most of the time people cancel their plans just by thinking about the cost and expenses. IVF treatment is one of the most expensive yet effective treatments. Nowadays, you will find a lot more alternatives in the field of IVF that offer quality treatment at a reasonable rate.

Sometimes the cost also varies depending upon the location of the centre. In one city, you might get treatment at a cheaper cost, but might come across increased prices in another city. Couples in this large country fly away from one state to another just to decrease the price of their treatment. In the end, you should not compromise on anything because it’s about achieving a dream that is going to fill your heart with joy.

Health Insurance

Pricing of the treatment might decrease if your health insurance scheme covers IVF. Make sure that your insurance is handling such treatment. If that is not the case, ensure that your insurance can cover fertility diagnostic procedures. Health insurance is proving to be beneficial for many couples who are looking for a positive change in their lives with IVF treatment. 

In the end, all that matters in choosing the best IVF clinics in Delhi is your courage to go through the process. Research online and compare the services to ensure that you have a successful conception in the days to come.

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