5 Questions You Must Ask Your Gynecologist Before Labor and Delivery

5 Questions You Must Ask Your Gynecologist Before Labor and Delivery

Pregnancy comes with many happy emotions built into it. However, women often have loads of questions especially if it is their first delivery. The top gynaecologist in Delhi also talks about bodily changes which you might face down the line. In fact, getting your concerns addressed also helps you plan ahead and stay aware of the potential health complications.

It is a great way to embrace the life-changing experience and prevent disappointment and unmet expectations. If you have reached your third trimester, get in touch with your OB/GYN.  This is the ideal time to have all your queries solved and help you stay relaxed before entering the delivery room. Have a look at a few crucial questions to discuss beforehand.

1. How to Prepare for Childbirth?

A premium birthing center in Delhi is designed in a way to offer utmost support throughout the labor process. The doctors and nurses are extremely knowledgeable and well-trained to maintain highest standards of medical care. This can ensure the well-being of both child and mother. However, it is a good practice to take some personal childbirth measures. This includes keeping your hospital bag packed with essentials like towels, socks, lotions and water bottles. Further, have a trusted friend and husband by your side.

2. Which Exercises are Safe Before Delivery?

You must aim for activities which are less risky yet offers the desired results. You can go for brisk walking, yoga, swimming, indoor cycling, less intense aerobics and mild strength training. Avoid the rough ones like skipping or weight-lifting. These can stress out the body and lead to dehydration which is not safe for the mother and baby. Further, get in touch with the best luxury hospital which offers effective well-being programs to pregnant women. 

3. What to Expect During Labor and Delivery?

Book your appointment with a premium birthing in Delhi. This can ensure a comfortable, safe and memorable childbirth experience. The doctors and nurses are super friendly who helps navigate the challenges and make the whole delivery and labor process healthy.

4. Can I Take Over-the-Counter Medications?

Yes, you can opt for non-prescribed medicines for body pain, headaches, constipation, allergies and heartburns. These are usually safe and can be consumed by pregnant women. But it is always recommended to consult your doctor before popping any pill. This is important especially if you are already on certain drugs whose potency might get altered with new medicines. 

5. What All Should I Do Leading up to the Due Date?

You can make certain lifestyle change like increasing the intake of nutritious diet. This will include plenty of leafy green vegetables and fruits, dairy products, salmon, eggs, lean meat and protein. These can reduce the risk of complications and keep the baby healthy. Further, cut down on smoking and drinking, keep your nerves calm and get plenty of sleep. These are proven ways to improve the chances of a safe delivery.

This is also the right time to talk to the gynecologist about your requests and preferences during childbirth. The best doctor will ensure all of them are fulfilled.

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