Precautions you Need to Remember During IVF Pregnancy

Precautions you Need to Remember During IVF Pregnancy

To be able to conceive naturally is God’s greatest gift to women. Pregnancy is one of the special events for every couple. However, a lot of women can become pregnant naturally. That is when they are prescribed to schedule a consultancy with the best IVF centre in Chennai.

If you are one such woman who is considering infertility solutions like IVF, then you must ensure proper precautionary measures to steer clear of pregnancy-related issues.

What to Know When Choosing IVF Pregnancy?

IVF happens to be one of the most highly-recommended infertility solutions, with better success rates than other treatments. Here are some of the ways to make sure it goes smoothly.

Stay Away from Sexual Intercourse

Most fertility hospital specialists suggest couples stay away from physical intercourses during their IVF journey. The reason why couples should avoid physical intercourse is that they can stop the occurrence of vaginal infection and let the ovaries rest for quick recuperation after the IVF procedure.

Keep Away from Heavy Works

Most fertility hospital experts suggest that women undergoing the IVF process must never engage themselves in lifting heavy-weight things for about 2 weeks until they have conceived. Heavy weight lifting can strain the women’s abdominal muscles and negatively impact the IVF cycle.

Do Not Engage in Heavy Workouts

Women during their IVF journey must never practice heavy workouts like aerobics. However, they can always participate in lighter exercises like meditation and walking to succeed in becoming pregnant faster.

Never Indulge in Caffeine, Alcohol and Smoking

High caffeine and alcohol consumption can boost the chances of miscarriage and health-related concerns for the unborn kid and the mother. Therefore, restrict yourself from excessive caffeine and alcohol intake during the IVF journey in the best fertility clinic in Chennai.

Ensure Adequate Sleep

The proper sleep cycle is mandatory for the body when undergoing an IVF treatment. A patient must make sure that they get adequate sleep every night. Apart from the sleep duration, sleep quality counts too. Restful sleep is crucial during this treatment. Also, one must keep themselves away from staying late at night or partying throughout the night to get their pregnancy correct.

Adhere to a Healthy Diet

Eating good and healthy is very important during the IVF journey. Make sure you include sufficient vegetables and fruits in your diet during your IVF pregnancy. Keep away from consuming caffeinated beverages, cold drinks, and alcohol. The IVF foods to avoid are junk food, processed food, fried items, etc.

Keep Yourself Organized all the Time

Staying organized while on your IVF journey is very important to enjoy success rates. When we talk of being organized, we mean you have to be particular about your medicine doses, the number of medicines, and doctor visits. One must make necessary changes in their lifestyle and minimize stress to avoid pregnancy complications. IVF treatment, even in the best IVF centre in Chennai, needs patience, so you don’t have to rush in. Prepare yourself in advance and make sure to maintain distance with the internet. Keep yourself positive even if things do go as you planned. Adhere to all the tips mentioned here to enjoy IVF success smoothly.

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