How to stimulate erogenous zones in your partner

How to stimulate erogenous zones in your partner


Turning your partner on can be very easy if you know some hard-hitting erogenous zones. Everyone knows some obvious erogenous zones such as nipples or genital areas. However, there are various parts on a woman’s or man’s body that can turn them on within a few seconds such as inner thighs, ear lobes, neck, etc. When these parts are stimulated properly, they provide you with a new feeling of pleasure. We have put together a few sex tips related to erogenous zones that you can try with your partner and explore the new side of pleasure in your bedroom.

  • Ears- According to experts, ears contain a lot of nerve endings which is what makes them quite sensitive. You can touch the ears of your partner in many ways in order to make them feel aroused. For instance, you can use your fingertip to delicately caress the area, lightly bite the earlobe, try pecking the area around the ears, or use your tongue to trace the back of the ears.
  • Neck- Neck is one of the most hard-hitting erogenous zones for women. It is a very sensitive area, especially the back and the sides of the neck. This doesn’t mean the front of the neck would not do wonders. It depends upon the person, so you need to find out which side works the best for your partner. You can gently kiss all along the side of the neck, leading up to the collarbone or the ear. Another way that you try is intense sucking around the neck, which will lead to some marks or hickies. It’s better to ask your partner, as they may or may not like both ways.
  • Inner thighs- One of the main reasons why the area around your inner thighs are so sensitive is that it’s not exposed much and remains to be a soft spot that is not touched much. In addition to that, it also contains plenty of nerve endings which makes it more sensitive. Touching the inner thighs of your partner can be a turn on as it is very much closer to your genitals. It creates a feeling of teasing. You can either use your hands to gently stroke the area or let your tongue do the needful.
  • Lower abdomen- The area around your waistline, especially the lower abdomen is quite sensitive. Since it is in such close proximity to your sexual organs, the lower abdomen can have a seductive effect. Having said that, it can be very ticklish for some people as well. You can leave gentle kisses or use your tongue to lick or suck the particular area to tease your partner. You may need to ask your partner whether they would like it or not as it may tickle them.


There can be various parts that you may not consider important enough to help you turn on your partner. However, these unexplored parts can turn out to be quite useful in the bedroom. Make sure you ask your partner before touching or stimulating the area because there are chances it might not work for your partner since different bodies react differently in various conditions. Keep experimenting with your partner in the bedroom, with their consent obviously, until you find the perfect way.


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