How Does Pain Relief Spray Work in Healing Body Pain?

How Does Pain Relief Spray Work in Healing Body Pain?

Is there any chronic pain condition that’s affecting your daily life and work? We know how irritating it can be so you must be seeking an effective cure.

If you are facing pain due to any minor injury or some other reason, just take a pain relief spray and apply it to the affected part of your body. It will provide you with relief faster than pain relievers. But how is it possible? No one can tell you this better than the experts. So, here we are with the insights gathered from various experts on pain relief spray. In this article, you will learn the functioning of a pain-relieving spray.

What Makes Pain Relief Spray So Effective?

Pain relief spray is packed with pain-alleviating agents such as methyl salicylate, capsaicin, benzocaine, and so on. They collectively target your musculoskeletal system and keep you tension-free from any kind of pain.

Almost every pain relief spray comes in a bottle with a spray cap attached to its top. So, whenever you feel pain in a joint or muscle, simply apply the pain-relieving spray to that area. After its application, you can leave it as it is.

There is no need to rub the spray on your skin. However, if the pain is manageable, you can gently massage it for better relief. It will gradually penetrate deep into your skin and treat the pain instantly.

How Does Moov Spray Work?

Moov spray is one of the fastest working pain relievers for people of all ages. It takes away the pain within seconds and that’s why it has the trust of millions of people.

Made using ayurvedic ingredients, moov spray produces a long-lasting effect on the neck, back, muscles, etc. It can even cure inflamed muscles and reduce swelling.

What Makes Moov Spray the Best for Alleviating Pain?

It’s the magic of key ingredients present in the Moov spray-turpentine oil, nilgiri oil, wintergreen oil, mint extract, and cinnamon oil. These ingredients turn Moov spray into a super powerful product for pain management. They all function differently in your musculoskeletal system.

Turpentine Oil

Turpentine oil is derived from the pine tree’s resins. It’s a useful ingredient for cooling down the tissue beneath the painful and inflamed skin.

It’s completely safe for you to use turpentine oil for pain management. In moov spray, it’s available in safer amounts to prevent it from harming your skin.

In a 3-month study done on 300 people, turpentine oil was found to be as powerful as capsaicin cream in the treatment of pain resulting from nerve damage, diabetic neuropathy, etc.

Nilgiri Oil (Eucalyptus Oil)

Nilgiri Oil is a multi-purpose oil for the treatment of many conditions like asthma, nasal congestion, tick repellant, and so on. It behaves as an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory in terms of nature.

This is also advised for patients suffering from arthritis, rheumatism, sprained ligaments, aches, and nerve pain. When applied to the skin, it surprisingly aids in reducing pain and stress.

Wintergreen Oil

Wintergreen Oil contains a compound called “Methyl Salicylate” that helps in the treatment of pain and inflammation in your joints and muscles. The compound is also called a rubefacient, and it helps in the dilation of skin capillaries and improves blood flow to the tissues.

When even a small but significant amount of wintergreen oil enters a person’s skin, it acts similarly to aspirin. And the pain or inflammation is reduced with the inhibition of the cyclooxygenase enzyme.


Mint is basically an umbrella term for the Mentha plant family, containing spearmint, peppermint, orange mint, peppermint, etc.

The primary ingredient present in this plant is menthol. It has a similar function as capsaicin in chilies.

The presence of mint in moov spray produces a cooling sensation after the application.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for the best remedy for pain management, nothing is better than using a pain relief spray. But which one will suit you? Remember, there are plenty of pain relief spray in the market, mostly chemical based. Thus, you only must choose a pain relief spray containing natural and ayurvedic elements. That’s Moov spray, a perfect cure to your painful joints and muscles.

Its ayurvedic component works super-fast in providing relief to you. Buy this knee pain spray to live a stress-free and pain-free life. For more information on this product, you can contact us via email or leave a comment.

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