Understanding HSG Test Procedure

Understanding HSG Test Procedure

Hysterosalpingography or HSG Test procedure is a test that determines the structure and shape of the uterus and examines for any kind of blockage in the fallopian tubes. The fallopian tubes are a very important part of the reproductive system of the female. If these tubes are blocked, the male sperm will not reach the ova to fertilize. Similarly, it prevents the fertilized egg also from getting into the uterus for further development.

When this happens, a lot of examinations and tests are required to find out the exact cause. Or else this comes in the way of couples from becoming parents. Blockages in tubes happen due to several reasons, and they can only be determined by HSG Test Procedure.

Exact Meaning Of Hysterosalpingogram

The HSG Test Procedure employs an X-ray machine that will take clear pictures of the woman’s fallopian tubes and uterus. This procedure can be completed in just about 5 minutes allowing the woman to go home.

This test is done after the woman has her period, or it could be done before she ovulates. This is the perfect time because, during this period, there are minimum chances of a pregnancy. It is carried out in the first half of the menstrual cycle. To be specific, it is carried out by the IVF doctors in Hyderabad between days 1 to 14.

Preparations For The Test

IVF doctors in Hyderabad will conduct the test themselves to because it has to be done very minutely. So before the actual procedure, a painkiller along with an antibiotic is given to the woman concerned. 

Then the IVF doctors in Chennai and Hyderabad will make the patient lie down on the table with an X-ray machine or a fluoroscope placed near the vagina of the patient. Then a speculum is inserted into the vagina to ensure it remains open throughout. It then helps to clean the cervix.

The HSG treatment procedure then requires a tube called a cannula that is very thin to be inserted into the cervix to remove the speculum. Finally, an iodine-containing liquid is allowed to fill the vagina. The iodine gives very accurate and prominent images of the uterus.

Then the doctor will film images of the uterus using a fluoroscope. The iodine-containing liquid will give images of the outline of the uterus and the fallopian tube. The image shows the liquid moving through the organs. This is all part of HSG treatment. The HSG test cost in India is minimal. 

The HSG treatment is an accurate way of determining the exact cause of infertility. Then the doctor takes side view images by making the patient turn sideways. There are a few side effects, but the procedure is absolutely safe.

The HSG test cost in India may vary from city to city. In some cities, it is more expensive than in others.

The procedure is so simple that it allows the woman to drive home by herself right after the test itself. The good news is that it is a reason for childless couples to enjoy it because the HSG Test cost in India is just negligible compared to other procedures.

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