Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with your sister - get her a health plan

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with your sister – get her a health plan

You vowed to protect and cherish her all your life. Now is the time to come good on that promise – by buying your sister a wonderful health insurance plan.

Though you will never admit it to her, she was your first best friend. Your sister may have tormented you, made you laugh, made you proud and even picked fights with you. In turn, you teased her, made her cry, took up the cudgels on her behalf, and shielded her from your parents when she was mischievous.

Every Raksha Bandhan, you silently vow to continue looking after your sister’s every need, promising to look after her throughout your life. Year on year you get her the best of gifts, but this time get her something that will help her more than perfumes/sweets/clothes can. This Raksha Bandhan, you should affirm your vow to protect her with something even better – a health insurance plan.

When it’s about health protection, it’s got to be health insurance

A health insurance plan for your sister is one of the most thoughtful gifts you could present her with. Life can be uncertain and you can help prepare her for such times by gifting her a policy purchased by you, which covers major critical illness to protect her from financial drainage that can be caused. The policy makes for a thoughtful gift that tells her that you are invested in her future good health and happiness, and that you care enough to ensure that she remains healthy always. It is the kind of commitment that she expects from you anyway!

A health insurance plan will keep her safe from the high costs of hospitalisation and treatment in India. It will help her seek timely treatment for her ailments instead of deferring treatment for a future date fearing high treatment costs.

The different areas of help via health insurance

A health insurance plan is a must if you want to protect your sister from future financial uncertainty arising from ill health. The best health insurance plans in India provide coverage against:

  • Critical illness benefit for 12 illnesses
  • Lump sum pay-out on filing the claim following diagnosis of any of the 12 critical illnesses listed in the plan
  • Daily expenses for family members (disbursed in the form of cash allowance)

This auspicious day strengthens the brother-sister bond like no other. Your love for your sister is infinite and unquantifiable. So let’s make Raksha Bandhan sweeter for your sister – let’s get her a health insurance policy!

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