Stop Aging - 5 Hacks For Youthful Skin

Stop Aging – 5 Hacks For Youthful Skin

Aging is a natural process that not many of us can readily get on board with. It brings grey hair, lined skin, and several (unwelcome) bodily changes. You cannot do anything to prevent it, but you can certainly stall its progress. While regular exercise, a regular lifestyle and avoidance of smoking and alcohol can keep you in good health, your skin requires a different routine for improvement. This article lists the 5 ways in which your skin can stop aging in its tracks and defy the signs of time:

#1 Keep the skin dewy fresh with regular cleansing.

Nothing keeps the skin fresh and youthful like daily cleansing and moisturising. But please pick a mild cleanser that does not employ harsh chemicals to detach dirt and excess oil from the skin. Take the cleansing milk on a cotton pad and rub it on the face and neck in gentle circular motions. If your face is excessively oily or if you have just returned home from an area of high pollution, you might have to use two cotton pads. Once cleansed, thinly apply moisturiser to seal in hydration and keep the skin’s tissues plump and soft.

#2 Pat on some anti-aging cream.

A good anti-aging cream with the right ingredients can make all the difference to your skin. Your doctor can tell you which cream to use based on your skin profile. Most dermatologists in the UAE recommend the Kaya anti-aging cream known as the Ante AGE MD Accelerator. It contains retinol, Vitamin C, Stem Cytokines and Vitamin B5 to offer protection, skin renewal, anti-radical damage control and nourishment to improve skin tone and texture with regular use. Whatever product you use, whether this one or another, always remember to pat it gently on the skin rather than rub it. A good cream is super absorbent and is penetrates the skin easily without pressure.

#3 Stay away from junk food and fizzy drinks.

What you eat has a direct correlation with how you look. A diet rich in natural and fresh produce results in clear, youthful skin that defies time. On the other hand, a diet rich with trans and monosaturated fats, excess oil and salt, white sugar, refined flour, fizzy colas and artificial flavouring and colour accelerates skin aging by sapping moisture from the tissues and slowing cellular repair. Clean up your diet and you end up cleaning up your skin! Seasonal, fresh produce is best consumed in the form of salad, soup and juices (without added sugar).

#4 Drink as much water as you can.

Water is your skin’s biggest ally in the fight against premature aging. The signs of aging primarily stem from skin dehydration. Dry skin results from dry tissues, which have not received adequate moisturisation. In turn, the skin cells lose their ability to retain water. Soon, you see fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. Before you schedule an appointment for shots of Botox, why not give your skin the chance to heal itself by drinking as much water as you can? Aim to finish at least one litre of water daily. If you like, you can supplement your intake with green or chamomile tea, honey ginger tea with a dash of turmeric, etc.

#5 Make sunscreen your best friend.

Another reason why the skin prematurely ages is direct exposure to sunlight. The harsh sunlight in the UAE can sap the skin of moisture, cause tanning and rashes, and accelerate the aging process. Prevent the sunlight from hitting your skin directly by using a good sunscreen lotion every day. Do replenish it every three or four hours when out of the house, and seal it in with water-based moisturiser.

If you find that your face is too lined for DIY fixes at home, it may be time to consult a dermatologist for a facelift or a suitable skin rejuvenation treatment to remove or reduce the signs of aging. Along with the treatment, the doctor will recommend using a series of products to maintain the efficacy of the procedure. Make sure to use these products as directed and enjoy the results – clear, radiant skin that makes time stop in its tracks!

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