5 things you must know before switching to body wash

5 things you must know before switching to body wash

For skin care, the most used product is a block of bar soap. Since childhood, almost every one of us has used soap. But now, body washes are commonly found in homes in the place of bar soap.

Are you thinking to replace the bar soap in your home with a body wash too? Well, that’s a great idea then but before buying one, you have to keep certain things in your mind. Keep reading this blog to find out more. And then you can decide whether it’s the right choice for you or not.

1) Body Wash are Hygienic

Sometimes, the doctor advises using a separate soap from your family to prevent contagious diseases. If you are suffering from a contagious disease but no one in your family knows this, chances are it will spread to other family members.

But the same will not happen in the case of body washes. This is because its surface remains untouched by anyone. You only pump or squeeze to take out the liquid. Hence, it prevents the spread of bacterial growth. Nowadays, even neem body wash is provided by Medimix.

Medimix manufactures an array of ayurvedic body wash. You can choose from any of them according to your skin type.

2) Use Sufficient Amount

While using an ayurvedic body wash, make sure you are not using more than required. Take some amount of body wash liquid on your palm and apply it to your body.

If you will use too much body wash, it will leave some residue after the bath. Excess of it can also remove the oil required to keep your skin moisturized. Hence, always use a sufficient amount of body wash.

3) Not for your hair

Strictly avoid using your body wash as a hair wash. It is not recommended because shampoo contains a scalp cleanser and moisturizer, which may not be present in the body wash.

Due to the difference in the texture, complexion, and ph level of the skin, body wash is best suitable for skin only. If used as a shampoo, it can show some adverse effects.

4) Not for your Face

Body washes are not right for facial use in any manner. This is because our face contains delicate and sensitive skin. It can react abrasively to your skin if body wash will be applied. So, always use a facial cleanser on your face.

5) Wash with Lukewarm Water

When you lather and apply body wash all over the body then rinse it with lukewarm water. This will retain moisture within the skin. In case you are thinking to use hot water, please don’t.

After coming out of the shower and drying your body, use a moisturizer throughout your skin and a lotion. This will keep your skin healthy and soft to the touch.


Medimix body wash helps provide nourishment and care to your skin. Its herbal ingredients are strong enough to tackle several skin problems. No doubt, this is the best product launched in the market yet.

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