Ways to maintain Menstrual Hygiene during every Period Cycle

Ways to maintain Menstrual Hygiene during every Period Cycle

Menstruation is one of the critical functions of a woman’s body, which merits utmost notice and self-care. Assuring proper hygiene during menses and consuming right is the key to reducing your pain. Understanding the basics of menstrual hygiene is essential. It helps ensure that you are entirely advised about remaining healthy and avoiding infection during menstruation. Menstruation is a time of elevated risk of particular illnesses, including some sexually transmitted diseases. Everyone must understand the most promising practices for menstrual hygiene. Here are some ways to maintain menstrual hygiene during every period cycle:

Change your sanitary pad every 4-6 hours:

Changing sanitary pads or tampons every four to six hours is the cardinal rule for vaginal hygiene. When released from the body, menstrual blood entices different organisms from your body, which reproduce in the warmth of the blood and cause a disturbance, rashes, or urinary tract diseases. Changing your sanitary pad or tampon often impedes the development of these organisms, controls infections, and helps with intimate hygiene.

Wash Regularly:

Bathe at least once daily to keep your body hygienic and avoid bad smells. Think about how many objects you touch on your path while going to the bathroom. So everyone must wash their hands after going to the washroom, then change their menstrual pad and wash their vulva and vagina is mandatory. 

Don’t use soaps or vagina hygiene by-products:

While using vaginal hygiene products daily is a fine idea, using these by-products during a period can turn things around. Vaginas can clean on their own, especially during menstrual cycles. When use these artificial hygiene products can hinder natural function leading to disorders and the growth of bacteria.

Dump sanitary napkin safely:

It is one of the most critical elements of menstrual hygiene and must be rigorously followed. The products must be nicely covered before disposal. They must be securely disposed of, and under no condition should they be washed or flushed as they can cause blockage or stoppage. Personal hygiene is another essential factor of disposal, and one must clean hands comprehensively after the process to ensure no remaining bacteria and blood on your hands. Any setback in the disposal can generate infection not just for you but for the people living near you.

Wear comfy and light clothing:

Wearing comfortable clothing during menstruation can comfort you and play a vital role in maintaining menstrual hygiene properly. One must confirm that clothing is light on the body and has a loose fitting, equipping ultimate ease of activity. Tight clothes can provoke unnecessary pressure on the body, resulting in sweat, and become a breeding foundation for contagious bacteria. Cotton garments and undergarments are highly suggested for menstrual cycle wear.

Stick to one technique of sanitation:

Women use tampons, sanitary pads, or two sanitary pads simultaneously during the heavy period cycle, which is an efficient method. While it may hold you dry and prevent stained garments, it can generate infections too. The mixture of the two ways immerses the blood, making you ignorant of the need to change your tampons and sanitary pads. Without periodic change, the collected blood generates bacteria and induces infections. So, it is advisable to use one sanitary pad and change it frequently during heavy flow. 

Final words: Menstrual hygiene is a must for every woman, and they should follow the ways and tips mentioned above to maintain good menstrual hygiene during every period cycle.

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