Spontaneous Abortion Or Miscarriage

Spontaneous Abortion Or Miscarriage

When an embryo or fetus expuls from the mother through the birth canal before the appropriate time and also it is not ready or unable of independent survival.

  • The fetus weighing 500g or less. If it is more than 500g, it will not called abortion.
  • One more condition it occurs also before 22 weeks (154 days) of gestation.

Hemorrhage is early Pregnancy is very common and it is also important to know that most of the hemorrhage during pregnancy are related with miscarriage. About 95% in other reason or causes of haemorrhage early pregnancy.

Direct related with pregnancy :

  • Ectopic pregnancy.
  • Hydatidiform mole.
  • Implantation bleeding.

Common Causes of Miscarriage:

  • First Trimester:
  • 0 weeks to 12 weeks
  • Genatic factors is responsible cases.
  • Some immune system dipends also causes miscarriage in 1st trimester.
  • Infection may also responsible.
  • Some disease like thyroid problem, Diabetes
  • There are also some unknown reason which may causes miscarriage.

2nd and 3rd trimester:

Anatomic abnormalities>

  • Ceruical incompetence
  • Bicornuate utenes
  • Uthrine fibroid.

General illness of the pregnant mother.

Some unknown causes.

Associated with pregnancy:

Cerical lesions or erosims such as- polypin cerix, varicose vain ruptured. Others abnormal erosion

Classfication of abortion or miscarriage>


  • Legal
  • Illegal



  • Threatened
  • Ineitable
  • Complete
  • Incomplete
  • Missed
  • Septic ( less common)

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