Packing For A Short Trip? Here's What Your Hygiene Box Should Have

Packing For A Short Trip? Here’s What Your Hygiene Box Should Have

Travel is a great leveller, but most of us have been unable to travel for all of 2020 and a greater part of 2021. But you can easily plan a road trip and go hiking or trekking, or even camp in a group in a secluded area.

You might be sceptical about an outdoor trip because managing your periods becomes difficult without access to a bathroom and running water. It’s not so tough if you’re well-prepared with a hygiene box.

Pack these in your hygiene box…

* Sanitary napkins: If your trip coincides with your expected period date, it is best to be well-prepared with your own stash of sanitary napkins instead of looking for a pharmacy in your vacation spot. We recommend using the best sanitary pads for your trip, such as the Nua rash-free pads. They are long-wearing and highly absorbent, and you will never experience rashes and irritation the way you might with other pads. You can also dispose of them discreetly since each pad comes with its own paper cover. They are designed for easy transport and are the best sanitary pads for rough travel.

* Panty liners: You might not get your period during your holiday, but you might come close to it. Or you might currently be experiencing vaginal discharge that smears your underwear and makes it moist and uncomfortable. Carry a set of panty liners that can absorb the discharge so you feel dry and comfortable during your holiday. Nua has a range of excellent panty liner pads that are designed for daily use and which fit easily and are highly absorbent.

* Intimate wash: Once you’re back at your hotel or when you have access to clean water on your trip, make sure you clean yourself thoroughly down there to prevent infections or itching due to collected smegma. Wet the vulva with clean running water and use the Nua intimate hygiene wash that foams easily and cleans the area fast. It is easy to wash off and leaves the vulva feeling clean. It is formulated to maintain the pH balance of the delicate vulva region, so you won’t experience dryness post-wash.

* Degradable trash bags: Though your sanitary pads are deposited inside their own individual cover, you must throw the used pads somewhere. If you are hiking or camping outdoors, you may need to dump the lot outdoors. Carry a roll of biodegradable trash bags and put the used pads in them. dig a shallow hole and dump the bag inside. This way, you will not end up polluting the area since the trash bag and pads will decompose over time.

* Extra underwear: Though you wear a good pad at night, you might still experience some leakage when you sleep or if the pad inadvertently detaches from the underwear. This may stain your underwear and clothing. Add a few pairs of cotton underwear to your hygiene box for such an eventuality.* Dry shampoo. In case you’re camping and cannot wash your hair, a dry shampoo can smoothen out frizz and make your locks more manageable. A small bottle should suffice; just spritz it on as required and brush your hair.

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