Thyroid Problems Symptoms

Thyroid Problems Symptoms

Thyroid gland is important for body metabolism, no doubt. The problem is more than women, compared to men. Hypothyroidism is less than 50 times more likely to occur than men in thyroid hormone or ‘Hypothyroidism’. According to some scientists, the hormone estrogen stimulates the body’s autoimmune problem, and even thyroid problems. But it is also true that women who have thyroid problems are unclear.

The main function of thyroid is to control the metabolism of the body. This small gland that is made in the neck creates hormones that control the body metabolism or metabolisin; The thyroid hormone affects the functioning of our system. How fast or how fast the body will accept oxygen, the protein will create, and respond to other hormones. Sometimes the thyroid does not work properly. It is a little less work than normal, less hormones than normal, we call it ‘hypothyroidism’.

(Hyperthyroidism), if it is too active, does not get much hormones, it is called ‘Hypertheroididism’. If the body is heavy, if it is obese, we think, because the find. One reason is thyroid’s hypoglycemia or hypothyroidism. Thyroid hormone is short, the body’s metabolism slows down, it leads to increased body weight. That is why water, fat and minerals in the body accumulate. Metabolism is faster when the thyroid is hyperactive, weight loss body. Hypothyroidism is a symptom of fatigue and fatigue.

What to do if thyroid problem? – Thyroid Problem Treatment

Slow metabolism works with the symptoms of thyroid mildew. Fatigue and body weight increase with depression, constipation, flax body, dry skin and dry hair and muscle splints. Someone’s thyroid is swollen, Poult The women who are on the path of relaxation, among them are either thoracic thyroid, north-forty or north fifties. Maybe for hormonal changes. Metabolism is high on hyperactive thyroid. The symptoms are weight loss, anxiety, nervousness, swollenness, and swiftness. Intestinal traumatic exposure can be due to swiftness, sweating, hand trembling, muscular weakness, and changes in pregnant women thyroid glands. Pregnant women have such anatomical changes that affect thyroid. Especially during pregnancy, some hormones such as estrogen raise the quality, which in turn gives the thyroid hormone value in the blood. But most of the time thyroid work is also normal during pregnancy. However, due to the pressure of the hormone during pregnancy, thyroid fatigue may occur. The most common cause of thyroid infections is in the United States like ‘autoimmune disorder’. (Autoimmune Disorder)

The most common cause of the most active thyroid is ‘auto’emia defects’ (Graves Disease); When the body’s immune system invades its thyroid and stimulates it to get too much thyroid hormone, then this problem occurs when this happens. Chronic inflammation occurs due to thoracic thyroid disease, body attack or immune system attacks thyroid; Thyroid hormones have been disrupted. Thyroid nadul may also be hyper thyroid, and may also cause hypothyroidism due to iodine deficiency or pituitary gland problem. If there is a thyroid problem in the family (Hypothyroid) then the probability of thyroid problems is more likely to occur in generation after birth.

The thyroid work should start screening work when it is 35 years old. Suggestions of the American Thyroid Association should start with full-time thyroid screening from the age of 35 years. Then once every five years. Blood TSH standard and T-3 and T-4 (T3 and T4) values, if necessary. Hypothyroid is the main thyroid hormone thyroxon. The synthetic form of thyroxine is the best. Animal thyroxine was used, not as safe. Hyperthyroid is a variety of treatments. Such as antithyroid drugs; Prevent thyroid hormone production. If needed, the radioactive iodine, which produces thyroid hormones which destroy or destroy thyroid remedies by surgery. Treat the doctor after all. Thyroid disease treatment is a major problem. If not treated, then there are long-term complications. Such as heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, obstruction, mental illness and premature birth.

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