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Understanding The Procedure Of Plastic Surgery In Abu Dhabi

Plastic surgery is a broad genre of surgery. It  caters almost to the entire human body. It is a field that demands constant creativity and diverse knowledge. From birth defects to auto-immune diseases, from cancer to degenerative ailments; plastic surgeon treats almost everything. Furthermore, professionals working in this field need to be excellent team-players. They have to collaborate with different specialists like gynecologists, neurosurgeons, ophthalmologists, oral surgeons; the list is endless. If you are exploring your options in plastic surgery in Abu Dhabi, the choices available are sure to overwhelm you. The area is hailed for reputed plastic surgeons whose performance often exceeds patients’ expectations. Even then, having a rough idea of the field will help you choose surgeon capable of fulfilling your requirements.

Plastic surgery falls into two broad categories:


Reconstructive plastic surgery is done to correct abnormalities on the face or on the body. Defects like cleft palate, injuries that caused disfigurement of any part of the body and ear-deformities fall in this category. It is also done to reconstruct tissues that got destroyed due to an accident or an ailment like cancer.


Cosmetic surgery alters the appearance of a body part that patient does not like. While reconstructive surgery repairs damages. A cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, only changes the look of a body part to make it appear more attractive. Rhinoplasty (nose-reshaping), augmentation mamoplasty (breast enlargement-reduction), liposuction (fat removal) fall in this category. Certain procedures don’t even require surgery. Treatments like LASER hair removal and dermabrasion belong to this group.

The procedures

As mentioned above, plastic surgery is a vast field. And the procedure involved in a surgery depends on the condition being treated. Given below are the most common among them:

Skin Flap Surgery

Here, the surgeon transplants a living tissue from a healthy part of the body to a damaged part. The tissue gets attached to the blood vessels so as to sustain it. The tissue still remains partially attached to the body while being transplanted to another part. Thus it gets the name skin flap. This is done to treat wounds that are too large to heal on their own. This is also done when treating skin cancers.

Skin graft

This procedure involves the transplant of healthy skin from a part of the body to another. It is performed to treat deep or open wounds and burns.

Tissue expansion

During this procedure, the surgeon expands and stretches the tissues surrounding the damaged part of the body. This stimulates the growth of new cells helping it to repair damages. It is done mostly in reconstructive surgeries.

Plastic surgeons may use other techniques like vacuum closure as required by the condition being treated.

Preparing for the surgery

You decided to have a plastic surgery for a body part that appears damaged or out-of-shape. You also decided on a plastic surgery in Abu Dhabi clinic for the purpose. But that is only part of the things required for a successful surgery. You have to do the following things to ensure a smooth and fast process:

  1. Opt for it when you are in good health

Plastic surgery in Abu Dhabi offers the desired result when done in good health. An active infection or any other health issue may impede your recovery after the surgery. Be honest when informing your medical history. Present a list of all the medications and supplements you may be having.

  1. Obey the instructions you receive

As a patient, you are sure to feel tempted to request exemptions. You have to trust and submit to your surgeon to get the maximum from the surgery performed. Minimize the possibility of requesting any exemption from any formality.

  1. Make the required arrangements at home

Have a bed to rest comfortably, buy meals and have someone to support you during your recovery time. Doing this in advance eliminates unwanted stress before, during and after the procedure.

  1. Drink lots of water

Water is a must for the body to function at its best, especially during plastic surgery. It is a must for your body to speed up recovery after the surgery. You should keep a water bottle at hand during the process to have when required.

  1. Ask all your questions

You don’t want to have any unexpected thing to happen to you after the surgery. Do your own research and ask all the questions you have in mind before going under the knife. If your surgeon is a reputed professional, he will be happy to resolve all your queries.

  1. Quit smoking, at least for a few weeks

Smoke from a cigarette or any other tobacco product hinders your body’s ability to ensure a constant supply of blood to the site of the surgery. This will slow the process of healing. Plan to quit smoking at least eight or nine weeks before the surgery.

  1. Keep your expectations practical

What kind of change do you expect after the surgery. You need to keep your expectations practical to avoid unpleasant surprises upon completion of the procedure.  If your surgeon claims to give results that too good to believe, run away from him.

  1. Be patient with yourself

Surgeries need time to heal and plastic surgery in Abu Dhabi is not an exception. Don’t expect yourself to look fresh and young immediately after the surgery.

You will experience swelling, bruising, pain and other discomforts after a while. Be patient with yourself; they will heal on their own. There are procedures that take up to one year to completely heal.

You should also approach a plastic surgery in Abu Dhabi clinic that you trust. Recovery from surgery is a process that involves both your mind and your body. You need to prepare mentally to face any untoward incident. For that, you need to trust your surgeon. You need to believe that the doctor will do his best to ensure your smooth and fast recovery. Do your own research, choose a well-experienced plastic surgery in Abu Dhabi doctor. Your body and your wallet will thank you for the effort.

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