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5 mistakes to avoid during the IVF Treatment

In Vitro Fertilisation or IVF treatment is a procedure that can help couples or individuals having difficulty reproducing. It is a procedure where the eggs are collected from the ovaries and are fertilised by the sperm in a specialised environment in the IVF centre. The fertilised eggs formed are allowed to grow in the same environment for some days. After its proper growth, the egg is transferred to the uterus of a woman, increasing their chance of pregnancy.

The IVF treatment cost is high, and time is required to form the embryos. The embryos are allowed to grow till the blastocyst stage as it is considered the best stage for the transplantation into the uterus. The IVF procedure involves egg transfer into the uterus, and it is called embryo transfer. In case during the procedure, more than two embryos develop then; they can be used for the subsequent cycles.

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So if you are trying for IVF treatment, you must avoid the mistakes given below. They are as follows:


Many people, when trying to reproduce through IVF, are not able to keep calm. The main reason can be the anxiety and excitement of parenthood. But if you are trying for IVF, you must understand that it is a mentally and physically exhausting procedure. Excessive stress during this procedure can be dangerous for the kid and couple.

Disorgansied IVF routine

Many people are not able to reproduce through IVF as they get disorganized with their routine checkups and cycles. You must organise and schedule your appointment with the doctor properly if you want to have desired results from the IVF procedure.

Trust your doctor

With the increase in technological advancement today, we are accepting the findings from the internet more than the professionals around us. Google can help you in most of the daily life tasks, but if you are trying a specialised procedure such as IVF, you should trust your doctor and discuss with them. You should never hesitate with your doctor and talk openly to them about your queries and doubts.

Stay active during the procedure

IVF is physically exhausting, but excessive resting during the procedure should be avoided. If you have started the procedure, be active rather than sitting idle as it can increase stress and affect your productivity.


If you are trying to reproduce through natural methods but cannot get the results, waiting for the child for a long time can create stressful situations. You can visit the doctor and discuss with them the possible method to have a child rather than waiting for outcomes.


If you think that the IVF procedure guarantees that you can have a child, then you are wrong. It’s a scientific procedure with its success and failures. Contact a good doctor, follow the proper method and avoid mistakes if you want a child. There are many IVF clinic in Bangalore that you can contact to get started. Also, Read – Why couples should opt for IVF

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