Hair Transplantation: Permanent Hair Restoration

Hair Transplantation: Permanent Hair Restoration

Hair Transplantation, Any Good?

You all will corroborate with me when I say that a permanent hair loss problem requires a permanent hair restoration solution. And believe me when I say that hair transplantation works as a permanent hair restoration solution. It delivers a long-lasting and satisfactory result. Reach out a qualified surgeon to know your unique needs, risks, and eligibility for hair transplantation.

Hair Transplants

Hair transplants are surgical procedures to treat baldness by transferring an individual’s existing hair to an area with less or no hair. It can be executed by two methods: follicular unit excision and follicular unit strip surgery. Both the ways are outpatient surgeries conducted in a surgeon’s office.

The follicular unit excision (FUE) procedure includes shaving of hair from the back of the scalp. The hair follicles are removed one by one. After collecting the hair follicles, FUE grafts are implanted into bald or thinning areas of the scalp in the same manner as they are harvested in follicular unit strip surgery. The grafts are inserted into desired areas. After your scalp gets fully healed, the remaining grafts are used to cover the holes of missing hair from the donor area.

In follicular unit strip surgery, the surgeon removes a small strip of the scalp with hair from the back of the scalp from the area known as donor area. After removing the strip of scalp, it is divided into hundreds or thousands of tiny little grafts, each of which contains either a few hairs or a single hair. As the grafts are created, they are planted into the small slits in the area where the hair transplant is sought.

The remaining hair present in the donor area can cover the sutures used in closing the incision. The left out hair also covers thin scars which are prevented to become evident when the scalp gets healed.

Hair Transplants: Permanent or Not

Hair transplantation is considered as a permanent hair restoration procedure. Though, it is essential to find an experienced surgeon to realise the permanency. Again, the hair for the transplant has to be fetched from the back of the scalp, which genetically tends to house more hair. Nevertheless, the hairline design and planting of grafts must be planned artistically. You see, an artistic eye and the future has to be in mind, for an effective and permanent hair transplant result.

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