5 Lifestyle Changes to Reverse Diabetes

There are around 422 million people globally suffering from diabetes and most of them are in low- and middle-income countries, according to the World Health Organization. The WHO also emphasizes that high blood sugar levels can cause severe damage to various organs, from kidneys to eyes.

With this high level of prevalence, a lot of people are looking for type 2 diabetes treatment. While this disease cannot be cured, there are ways to manage it. Following a good diabetes reversal program includes some lifestyle changes, which can help a person go into remission. So, here are some things you can do to improve your lifestyle, apart from following a reverse diabetes diet plan.

You Can Reverse Diabetes with These Lifestyle Changes

#1 – Avoid snacking: Some people diligently follow a diet plan for mealtimes to reverse diabetes, they snack in between meals. Most of our favorite snacks lead to high blood sugar levels. So, it’s important to resist the temptation of having cookies with your evening tea or grabbing a stuffed patty when taking a break from work. If you must snack, try mixed nuts, kale chips or a boil of boiled vegetables. You can even have non-sweetened yogurt with some crushed berries or a salad with lettuce and boiled eggs. The trick here is to prepare your snack before you feel hungry. It’s far more difficult to exercise control when you’re already feeling snacky.

#2 – Exercise regularly: Get into a routine of exercising every day. This doesn’t need fancy equipment or a gym membership. Consider walking or riding a cycle for around half an hour.

#3 – Lead an active life: Exercising for 30 minutes during the day and spending the rest of the time sitting in front of a computer or lying in front of a television doesn’t help. Any diabetes reversal program will need you to be active through the day. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to the supermarket and pace up and down the room while making phone calls.

#4 – Manage stress: High levels of stress results in elevating your blood sugar. This may also lead to binge eating, giving up your exercise regimen or forgetting to take your medication. Find ways to identify increasing anxiety levels and control them. Deep breathing exercises, yoga, time spent in a sauna, pursuing a hobby or just talking to a friend can help you relax.

#5 – Give up these bad habits: Quit smoking, as it can impede progress with your type 2 diabetes treatment. Smoking causes damage to your lungs, making it more difficult to exercise. You should also watch your alcohol intake. Most alcoholic beverages have very high amounts of sugar. So, replace these with healthy juices. There are some delicious recipes for vegetable and fruit juices. You can also prepare a mocktail with one-fourth glass of fruit juice, three-fourth level of club soda and some mint and ice cubes.

Can you reverse diabetes? The answer is yes. But it takes commitment and disciple on a daily basis.

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