How is biliary atresia treated among kids?

How is biliary atresia treated among kids?

Biliary atresia is a rare disease which is related to the liver and bile ducts that occurs in kids. Parents need to be careful and should be aware of their kids’ health at every stage. Know more about this by having a quick look at below pointers, where you get you to know, if your child is suffering from this, and then what precautions are needed to be taken.

What is biliary atresia?

Biliary atresia is known to be one of the rarest conditions in the new-born babies. In this, it is observed that the common bile duct which is between the small intestine and liver is absent or blocked.

Causes of biliary atresia?

At the present moment, causes are still not understood clearly. However, it is suspected that it could cause due to improper forming of bile ducts during pregnancy or due to damaged bile ducts. 

Signs and Symptoms-

The symptoms can be noticed from two to six weeks after the birth.

  • Jaundice
  • Weight loss
  • Light coloured stools
  • Dark urine
  • Enlarged liver and spleen

Diagnosis of Biliary atresia-

Doctors recommend the parents to seek the help of paediatricians and undergo several tests.

  • A blood test is the most important test which is useful in understanding the liver functionalities. It is also useful in understanding the aetiology of jaundice.
  • Ultrasound, which helps in identifying the abnormalities which takes place in the liver as well as in other organs too.
  • A nuclear scan is also recommended because it helps in tracking the bile flow which goes from the liver.
  • Liver biopsy. It helps in knowing whether your kid has biliary atresia or not.

Finally, how is it treated?

Before going for the actual treatment, note down that the treatment is based on the following factors-

  • Problems severity
  • Your child’s health condition both mentally and physically, age and medical history.
  • Child’s response to medication and therapies.

Remember, one needs to undergo the two treatments. Standard medication dosages cannot simply treat it.

One is the Kasai Procedure and the other one is Liver transplantation. The Kasai procedure is a surgical method which aims in reconstructing the bile ducts and also restores the bile flow into the intestine. It shows its best results if the surgery is being carried out before the kid turns three months old.

However, note that this treatment can sometimes lead to failure also. So, in this case, liver transplants can prove to be the beneficial. It helps your kid to live a better life. The damaged liver is removed by the new liver. After this, doctors recommend some medications to ensure a healthy life. One needs to really take proper care of their kid who is facing the problem of biliary atresia. You can also look out for a good paediatric surgeon in Delhi, as there are very well-known paediatricians in that city. So, knowing it in early ages will be more helpful regarding treatments too.

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