Want No sagging and No circles. Have an Enhancing Eye Lift in Dubai

Want No sagging and No circles. Have an Enhancing Eye Lift in Dubai

Blepharoplasty – an enhancing eye lift in Dubai

With increasing age, your eyelids also start to lose their elasticity. The lower eyelids seem baggy, and the upper ones start drooping, which looks saggy. Dark circles around the eyes add more concerning impacts to your beauty. So to get rid of these baggy and saggy eyelids, a surgery known as blepharoplasty is performed, where the excess skin, muscles, and fat tissues from the eyelids are removed. Eyelift in Dubai and most countries are commonly practiced to enhance their features. This surgery is a cosmetic surgery that has also shown its effectiveness towards improving vision. Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that also helps patients whose saggy eyelids obstruct their vision, but surgery for only fat removal does not remove dark circles, facial wrinkles, or crow feet. Some blepharoplasty techniques, which include repositioning of fat or uplifting cheeks, can improve dark circles.

Best candidates who can get eye lift

Suitable candidates for getting an eye lift are the ones who are in their 30’s or older than that with a good health condition and no previous history of any eye conditions like glaucoma, detached retina, complaint of dry eye.

People with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and thyroid disorders need to consult doctors before getting eyelift surgery.

Expectations Vs reality

Before having blepharoplasty, you should have a reality check about the situation. An eyelift can surely enhance your facial features, but you should not hope for surgery to drastically change how you look. Before getting blepharoplasty done, you should know about your facial features and analyze how and what changes it will bring to your face. To have proper knowledge and guidance, the department of eye lift in Dubai provides you with their surgeons and consultants. ‘Discuss and Think carefully’.

The time required for the procedure

The procedure of eyelift in Dubai and other countries is most commonly in practice, as it generally takes 1-2 hours if you want to get blepharoplasty done in both the upper and lower eyelids, it depends upon the muscle and fat that has to be repositioned. You may also notice marks of stitches for about a week on both your upper eyelids. The lower ones do not require stitches if the incision is made inside the lids. The bruising and swelling can last about one to two weeks, and after that, your upper lids start to look better, but the incision line takes longer than expected to disappear. The upper lids require more time than the lower ones to look good. After surgery, patients are recommended to minimize their workloads and exposure to the outside world for a few days. Some patients also experience dry eyes, which can last about a week and if the problem exists longer than that, contact your doctor.

Some of the great surgeons for eye lift in Dubai

Once you decide to go for surgery, you need to choose one of the best surgeons for your eye lift procedure, and the selection of surgeon should not be based on the cost of the treatment, instead, focus on –

  1. The license and certification of the doctor.
  2. The experience and the success rate of the surgeon.
  3. Clarity and comfort level.
  4. Before and after pictures to judge their performances.
  5. Reviews and the testimonials provided by their patients.

Some of the top best ophthalmologists for eye lift in Dubai are-

  1. Mr. Allen Rezai, MD is a specialist in plastic surgery with 24+ years of experience. Graduated from Lund University, Sweden. He also holds a number of fellowships and certificates, and he is currently employed at Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital in Dubai and Saudi German Hospital in Dubai. Frank Conroy MBChB, MRCSis a real self-verified doctor and a plastic surgeon at the American Hospital Dubai with 10 years of experience. 
  2. Sanjay Parashar, MD. is a plastic surgeon who pursued a degree from Nagpur University, India. He’s been in business for 24 years. Hospital privileges are Cocoona day surgery Hospital, Dubai, Emirates Hospital.

Cost of eye lift in Dubai

The cost of an eye lift depends on the surgeon’s expertise, the geographical area, and the fees of the hospital and clinics. If you are interested in getting an eye lift in Dubai, then the average cost of the treatment will be starting from AED 8000; however, this cost will vary according to the procedure and the hospitals.

Factors that can affect the cost of eye lift in Dubai are-

  1. The complexity of the procedure- The cost will vary according to the surgery you want. The cost of upper and lower eyelids at the same time will cost more than the single eyelid surgery, the higher the complexity, the higher the price.
  2. Selection of surgeon – Another major criterion for the varying cost of the surgery is the surgeon that you choose, if the surgeon is highly qualified and is capable enough of performing every task related to the field, he/she will charge more than others.
  3. Geographical location and the type of surgery will also affect the cost of treatment. As Dubai is considered to be a cosmetic hub, the cost of eye lift in Dubai will be high.   

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