Understand These Basics of Skin Lightening Treatment Before Choosing it

Understand These Basics of Skin Lightening Treatment Before Choosing it

It is now easier and more efficient than ever to regain the lost radiance and skin tone thanks to the expanded selection of skin whitening treatments that are now available on a global scale. There are a number of different options to lighten your skin, including bleaching and laser procedures that you can opt for by consulting a skin specialist in UAE.

Read on this article to learn about the various skin lightening treatments. So you can decide which one best matches your needs.But before that let’s understand some basics about skin lightening.

Role of glutathione for skin whitening

Freckles, age spots, scars, moles, acne, birthmarks, and other issues are frequently treated with skin whitening techniques, as are people who want to have light skin, especially those with darker skin tones.

Being an antioxidant found in human cells, glutathione is incredibly beneficial to the body. It functions by scavenging free radicals, enhancing immunity, and aiding in the body’s detoxification. By inactivating the enzyme tyrosinase, it aids in the formation of melanin pigment and aids in the conversion of melanin into a light colour.

Skin Whitening Treatment vs Skin Lightening Treatment

The majority of individuals mistakenly believe that skin whitening treatments are the same as skin lightening treatments. Expert dermatologists claim that skin-whitening treatments are a common fallacy. Using strong chemicals to whiten skin or change the amount of melanin is risky and results from social preconceptions. It’s a common myth, and dermatologists strongly discount the potential of dimming your skin past the level of your natural complexion.

Top Skin Lightening Treatments

There are numerous skin lightening treatment options available to help lighten skin. You can choose between a face lightening process or a skin lightening surgery on a specific body part, depending on your demands. The following are some of the most common skin lightening treatment in UAE:

Chemical Peeling

A skin specialist in UAE may advise the use of a solution containing alpha-hydroxy acids extracted from natural sources to exfoliate the skin’s damaged upper layers during a chemical peel to lighten skin. It aids in removing the melanin buildup and makes it possible for healthy tissue to show on the surface. Typically a chemical peel can come in three different varieties based on the concentration: light, medium, and deep.

Laser Treatment

Laser Skin Lightening Treatment: During the laser treatment, the medical professionals employ a focused beam of light to reduce the melanin deposit in the desired area. The remaining pigment is gradually removed by the skin’s immune system. As a result, the skin looks younger and more radiant than before. Perfect skin has grown back.


It is a common component in plenty of skin-lightening and anti-pigmentation products. It is quite good at fading age spots, stretch marks, and freckles while also assisting in skin lightening.

Skin Lightening Injection

Glutathione, a skin-lightening ingredient found in skin-whitening injections, reduces the synthesis of an enzyme called tyrosinase, which raises melanin levels. According to common belief, these injections can improve your skin tone, shield your skin from damaging UV rays, and detoxify your body.

Skin Lightening Products

There are many skin lightening treatment creams on the market that use chemicals. Azelaic acid, arbutin, retinol, hydroquinone, glycolic acid, lactic acid, and kojic acid are among the substances found in the majority of them. Certain of these chemical ingredients are well known for their bleaching abilities, which may instantly lighten your skin but do not provide long-lasting results and may result in some adverse effects. However, prolonged usage of these is not advised.

What is skin whitening

In order to achieve a whiter complexion, people diminish the melanin pigment in their skin through the process of skin-whitening treatment. More melanin is present in people with darker complexions, and the amount of melanin defines a person’s skin colour. Melanocytes are the cells that produce melanin. The genetic makeup of a person determines the melanin in a person’s skin. The amount of skin injury, exposure to chemicals, and sun exposure all have an impact on melanin formation.

Risks of Skin Lightening Treatments

You can anticipate experiencing the following adverse effects if you are receiving skin lightening treatment with laser: bruising, skin dryness, sensitivity to sunlight, tightness, swelling, scarring, skin infections, different skin textures, pigmentation, skin redness, and irritation. Deep chemical peel procedures may permanently harm the skin by resulting in hypo- or hyperpigmentation (skin darkening) (skin lightening).

It’s possible for your skin to get raw and ooze, developing crusts all over, if you receive really severe treatments to make it whiter.


Given that confidence is strongly correlated with looks, your skin concerns are valid to a large extent. Although it’s important to feel beautiful in your own skin, a little improvement is never a bad thing! To consult for a skin whitening treatment and give your skin a quick boost, contact the top skin specialists in UAE.

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