Try It, Buy It: How To Be Sure Of What You're Buying Online

Try It, Buy It: How To Be Sure Of What You’re Buying Online

Online shopping is great fun, and it is the most convenient way to get what you need from the comfort of your home. You can browse on multiple shopping apps at once and check new offerings in the market. Prices of products are always lower online due to the lower operating costs of maintaining an online inventory. Thus, not only is it faster and more convenient, online shopping apps also help you save money on your purchases.

Is there a way to know what you’re buying, before you buy?

If online shopping has one disadvantage, it is that you cannot buy the product after feeling or trying it. You have to make the purchase first and wait for the products to be delivered to your home. After this, you can try the product(s) and see if you like them. If you don’t, you have to either return or exchange them for others that you might like.

However, there are limitations on what you can and cannot exchange. Generally, you can only exchange products like clothes, shoes, accessories, kitchen items and appliances, mobile phones, etc. You cannot exchange items like underwear, beauty care items like creams and brushes, cosmetics, personal hygiene products, etc. So if you buy products in these latter categories, you will not be able to exchange or return them in case you don’t like them. Online stores are quite clear about which items they will and will not take for returns and exchange, so it helps to study the product specs in detail before you buy.

Realising that there is a class of consumers that needed to try cosmetics, beauty, skin and hair care, personal grooming and even gourmet food products before making a purchase – these often cost more and one would like to be sure about them before putting down their money for purchase – the best shopping apps in India offer free product trials before purchase. It is the best way to shop for products that one normally cannot exchange or return.

How to get a free trial on products

There are a few things you need to know about using free product trial online shopping apps:

  • You must have a smartphone to use the app, and install it with a complete set-up. You cannot avail of the product trials as a guest user; it is mandatory to sign up for the app.
  • The app dispenses a few free product trial points at the time of sign-up. You can use these points (one point each) for free product trials.
  • You can replenish the product trial points by making a purchase on the app. You can also get cashback once after using all offered trial points.
  • Suppose you order free samples of a foundation and a hair conditioner. The app sends sample sachets of each for you to try out before you decide to either buy the product or not. You can try the product samples for a few days before arriving at your decision. There is no compulsion to buy the products that you asked the samples for.
  • The shopping app also has festive deals and cashback offers for minimum spends. You can also get points for referring your friends to the app.

Here’s how you use the app

Once you download the shopping app with free product trials, you can browse the various product categories the app offers. You can then proceed to order samples for the products on display on the app. The best shopping apps in India offer premium brands in various product categories, and you are sent original samples. So you need not fear that you are being sent duplicate samples since they are free.

Once you like the product after a few days of use, you can place an order for it on the same app. Doing so replenishes some of your product trial points. You are under no obligation to keep asking for samples or buying products – keep the app on standby whenever you feel the need to shop, and proceed to buy when the app notifies you of new product launches and free product trials waiting for you.

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