Top features your online shopping app needs to be have

Top features your online shopping app needs to be have

The ecommerce industry has grown a lot in the recent years, to an amount where the sales driven by mobile applications have been expected to be about $418 billion approximately by 2024. With such a wonderful forecast, it’s evident that your business will have a bright future with the ecommerce app representing the same for all mobile users. Not only will you be able to reach more audience with the mcommerce online shopping app but also the sales will be driven up by several notches. However, to achieve this level of success, it is very crucial to understand that a mobile ecommerce application needs to have some viral features without which you won’t have the leverage to compete against the already established businesses.

These features can be in the form of payment gateways and intuitive UIs or different category and sub-category pages. Therefore, if you do not pay attention to the ways you are designing and developing the mobile shopping app for your business, you might end up with a resultant product incapable of meeting your requirements. Owing to this reason, we have listed down some of the prime features your shopping application should have, along with explaining their purposes and utility.

Registration and login portal

The first feature that you need to incorporate in your online cosmetic shop is a separate portal for registration of the new users and the login page. In the registration portal, you have to add fields like name, detailed address (house no, lane, street, nearest location, pin code, city, and state), phone number, email ID, bank details, and more. Make sure to add a popup box for confirmation that will help the users recheck the details before registration. Also, it would be best to incorporate a feature that verifies whether the phone number or email has been registered already or not. This will prevent the creation of multiple accounts with the same details. As for the login page, you must add a box for identification of a code, or humanized robot verification besides the username and password. For further authentication, you can even add the OTP technology with this feature.

Product filters and sorting dropdown

If you check the best shopping apps available in your country, you can see how well-organized their product collections are. When something is searched, a long filter list is presented, having compulsory options for size, price, brand, discount, style, and so on. Apart from this, you can also find certain other filter options specific to the search. For example, if any lipstick or nail paint is searched, you can find color options. But when face peel masks or haircare products are searched, other types of filter options will be present. Additionally, sorting options should be there like “price low to high”, “newly added”, and more. With the best combinations for filters and sorts, you will be able to give more freedom to your users for finding the exact thing they are searching for.

Proper category and product descriptions

Top beauty companies like Mama Earth, Lakme, Mac, and more have launched their specific shopping apps where all the category and product pages have wonderful descriptions. Without these descriptions, you won’t be able to make your business appealing and approachable for the audience. If they do not have enough knowledge about the products you are selling, there is no way they will trust your business. For example, let’s say you have added a collection of concealer moisturizers. If you do not describe what the products have, their functions, and which shade will suit which skin type and color, you won’t be able to drive sales through the new additions.

Wishlist and shopping cart

Every cosmetic store needs to have a proper wishlist. Users should be able to add the products to this list from the display options only, either by clicking a heart sign or any other symbol present on the options. It wouldn’t be feasible to add this wishlist feature on a detailed product page only because in this case, users will have to click on every product they like and then add them to the wishlist. Apart from this, you must design a shopping cart in such a manner that it can accommodate multiple types of products from different categories and brands.

Payment options and gateways

With more shops for cosmetics online, you must ensure that the payment options included are varied. For example, you must include card payments (both debit and credit with a dropdown feature for choosing different types of cards), electronic wallets, and cash on delivery. With more payment options, you will be able to target a larger audience because users using different types of online payment modes will be able to place orders and pay for the same as per their convenience.


To be honest, it’s not easy to create an application for cosmetics online shopping with discount, membership, loyalty programs, and more. There are so many things to consider which can easily overwhelm you and put you in a hotspot. This is why you have to plan accordingly and make sure that all the necessary features are added so that you can attract the maximum audience and drive up your sales.

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