Stressed Out Skin? We've Got Some Tips

Stressed Out Skin? We’ve Got Some Tips

Your skin is the mirror to your internal health. You may wear expensive makeup and spritz on the most exclusive perfume over your bespoke dress – but if your skin is stressed out and dull, it will reveal stories of poor health. Skin that is stressed also ages faster and cannot retain hydration as well as it should.

What causes skin stress?

A number of factors can cause your skin to become dull, excessively oily, lined, prone to acne and breakouts, etc. All of these are signs of internal stress. Stressed skin is often the result of poor health brought on by lack of care, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, use of antibiotics, erratic lifestyle and environmental factors. These factors must be eliminated at the earliest before skin damage becomes irreversible.

The following sections explain how to keep skin stress at bay and neutralise its effects on the skin, from using the best skin care products to including seasonal produce in your diet:

  • Give it a rest.

The first thing to do for stressed-out skin is to give some necessary TLC. Your skin needs to rest and recuperate to be able to provide cellular repair and restoration. It cannot do this if you are up late at night, not sleeping deeply enough, have irregular sleep times, and so on. The more sleep you get, the more your skin recovers and repairs itself. Well rested skin is able to produce more collagen and retain moisture better, thus ensuring that skin tissues are always healthy and plump. Sleep and rest are instrumental in aiding the elimination of acne, pimples, over-secretion of sebum, etc. Overall, maintaining regular sleep timings, ensuring that you sleep for at least seven hours a night in a dark and quiet room, can help erase the signs of stress from your skin.

  • Use the best skin care products.

Apart from getting as much shuteye as possible, ensure that you use doctor-recommended skin care products that use the best ingredients in a formulation that goes deep within the skin and works wonders. The product must primarily suit your skin type and include ingredients that aid restoration, collagen production, moisture retention and protection from sun damage. Follow a daily cleansing-toning-moisturising routine twice a day, and always use sunscreen lotion when heading out in the strong UAE sunlight. Your dermatologist can recommend top brands and skin care products that suit your skin type and its issues for a faster resolution to your stressed skin.

  • Keep aging away.

Aging is the prime enemy of your fresh good looks, and there seems to be no way to slow its progress on your skin. But are you certain you’ve tried everything to halt its march? If you haven’t yet invested in the best anti-aging products, then you really haven’t done everything in your power to stop the patina of time stealing a march on your skin. We recommend using Kaya anti aging creams for a baby soft visage that defies your biological years. Kaya’s Antox Vit C formula infuses a shot of antioxidants into your skin to beat the signs of aging and its Vitamin C helps in collagen production and skin restoration. Meanwhile, the Kaya Skin Rejuvenating Serum rejuvenates the skin, tightens it, removes age spots and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Try Kaya’s anti aging creams to recapture your youthful looks and stop aging in its tracks.

  • Feed it water and essential nutrients.

Your skin looks and feels its best when it is well hydrated. However, it loses its ability to retain moisture over the years. Meanwhile, environmental factors, pollution, stress, poor diet and other factors also deplete the skin’s moisture levels. You may certainly apply the best skin care products to increase its moisture content, but having a healthy diet is also important. Consume a lot of water-rich fruit and vegetables – this aids digestion, adds fibre and aids toxin removal from the skin. A balanced diet also ensures that your skin can lock in nutrients necessary for cellular repair and restoration. It also helps your skin become more radiant by removing fine lines and wrinkles.

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