Mesotherapy Treatment in Dubai: Tips and Precautions for Optimal Outcome

Mesotherapy Treatment in Dubai: Tips and Precautions for Optimal Outcome

New, non-surgical procedures are constantly coming out in the beauty industry. Some of these treatments are more effective than others and some have become more popular than others. Mesotherapy has been around for a while but its popularity has grown over the last few years. It’s a type of non-surgical treatment that uses injections of various substances to stimulate your body to produce new collagen, elastin, and other proteins naturally present in your skin. The result is firmer, smoother, and younger-looking skin by stimulating collagen production.

That said, for the mesotherapy treatment to work efficiently it is important that specific precautions be taken both before and after the session. Otherwise, the results may take longer to be visible and some cases may also require supplementary medication that prolongs the overall process of the type of mesotherapy you had like dark circles treatment, hair loss treatment, etc.

What is Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a therapy that uses various substances injected into the skin to stimulate your body to produce new collagen, elastin, and other proteins naturally present in your skin. The result is a more prominent and firmer skin that looks more youthful and beautiful. Mesotherapy is often used for dark circles treatment, cellulite, stretch marks, and scars, but it can also be used to treat wrinkles and aging skin.

Why take precautions before and after the Mesotherapy Treatment in Dubai

Before you go for a mesotherapy session, you should be sure that you’re going to have no major health complications. This non-surgical therapy is safe and there are no risks involved with it, but you should inform your doctor if you have a history of any major health conditions, or if you are pregnant, before going for this session. You should also make sure that you avoid any alcohol intake and smoking before a mesotherapy session. The reason behind this precaution is that alcohol and nicotine make your blood vessels narrow. This means that the mesotherapy treatment will take longer to take effect. You will also experience fewer benefits from the session.

With these factors in mind let’s look one by one at things that you need to be cautious about both before and after the Mesotherapy Treatment in Dubai.


Precautions to take before Mesotherapy treatment

There are certain precautions that need to be taken days and weeks before the mesotherapy treatment in Dubai. These are some simple and logical practices that mainly focus on making your skin ready for the treatment without hindering your ongoing medications or lifestyle:

  • Avoid social events right after the mesotherapy treatment as because of the injections your looks may have redness or plumpness on certain areas of the face.
  • Do not use AHA skincare products and 1% Retin A ones
  • Avoid harsh exfoliators and cosmetics in the area where mesotherapy injections will be applied
  • Discontinue consumption of any painkillers or blood-thinning medications well before the mesotherapy session. If you are on a medication, it is recommended that you consult your clinic to understand how to go about it or if required post-pone the treatment
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco days before the mesotherapy session in order to improve overall health. It can also be aided by quitting smoking, exercising, and having a healthy diet.

Precautions to after before Mesotherapy treatment

Just like there are precautions to be taken before the mesotherapy treatment in Dubai so that the process goes smoothly and no problem occurs during the injection session. Similarly, there are precautions to be taken after the session so that the results are visible as soon as possible, with expected impact and recovery is fast and without any side effects.

  • The outermost skin may get highly dry by the injection, it is normal to observe some scratches with minor while lines. It is recommended to apply moisturizer frequently if you feel so and as suggested by the dermatologist.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure as it causes the skin to get dry and lose out on its nutrition
  • For any cosmetic product that you plan to use or any medication that you want to take, do consult your doctor for the right way and frequency to do it.
  • Avoid any extreme physical activity that can cause excessive sweating for some days as suggested by your doctor

Side effects to be cautious of after the Mesotherapy treatment

Now that you know what precautions and practices to follow before and after the mesotherapy treatment, you still may come across some side effects like nausea, redness, dark skin patches, itching, etc.  In such cases, do consult your dermatologist as soon as possible. In most cases, it could be minor issues but if otherwise, in expert guidance not only any side effect would be treated on time but also your mesotherapy treatment in Dubai will provide the best of results. 

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