4 Ways To Stop Skin Aging This Summer

4 Ways To Stop Skin Aging This Summer

The summer is upon us, and with strong sunlight and arid wind come a host of skin and hair problems. Your skin feels greasy and tired, and you have to apply layers of makeup to hide the acne, age spots and fine lines developing on your skin. But makeup cannot disguise what is essentially a mark of aging on the skin. At best, it can camouflage it for a while. Your best defence is to help the skin heal internally with good diet, exercise and sleep. On an external level, your skin needs help with the right skin care products.

Consider these 4 ways to stop skin aging in its tracks this summer:

#1 Use the right skin care products.

Aging cannot be stopped, but its effects can certainly be combated by using the right skin care products that hydrate and tone the skin regularly. Ask your dermatologist to recommend a good anti-aging gel or cream for regular use. We recommend Kaya’s anti-aging cream, Anteage Serum and Skin Rejuvenating Serum for effective age control. Whichever brand or product you use, do ensure that it is recommended and checked by your doctor before you try it. Avoid the impulse to buy skin care products that may have worked on others – they may not be suited to your skin at all.

#2 Do not expose your skin to direct sunlight.

Strong sunlight has both UVA and UVB rays in it, which accelerate the skin aging process. They deplete the skin’s moisture, decrease the cellular ability to repair and restore, and cause tanning and pigmentation patches on the skin. Add to that the fact that the UAE has strong sunshine for most months of the year, coupled with seasonal humidity. You can end up with tanned skin and rashes, if not acne, pigmentation, and fine lines if you’re not careful. Once you cleanse and moisturise your skin, you should apply an even layer of a good sunscreen lotion or cream to create a barrier between your skin and the sunlight. Wear full coverage clothing to minimise exposing the skin to direct sunlight whenever you are outdoors. Avoid self-treating rashes and boils – ask your dermatologist which product to use for them.

#3 Drink a lot of water.

The signs of aging primarily include fine lines and wrinkles. Fine lines begin to cast a spider web on the skin, and these are caused by depleting moisture levels in the skin’s tissues. When the tissues dry out, so does the overlying skin. The skin becomes thinner and waxy-looking, and starts showing fine lines which soon develop into deeper grooves known as ‘wrinkles’. Apply moisturiser twice a day and drink as much water as you can. Aim to consume a 1 litre bottle of water every day, and add to the fluid intake with green/ginger/chamomile tea. It takes about a month for results to show, so keep at it till this routine becomes a habit.

#4 Get at least seven hours of sleep every night.

Sleep is your biggest antidote to aging, distressed skin. It helps in the body’s restorative processes and aids better circulation and waste removal. While you sleep, the skin’s cells repair and rejuvenate themselves, and lock in hydration necessary for renewal. But good quality sleep is required for these processes to go on unhindered. Detach from all electronic devices at least one hour before sleeping, and unwind for bed with soothing music or reading a book. Install blackout curtains in your sleeping area to cut out glare from external light sources. Ensure that there is no noise in your room and that you can sleep without disturbance. Within a few days of having good quality sleep at night, you will notice that your skin appears fresher than before.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet also contribute to keeping skin aging at bay. Your body needs to be fit and in fighting condition for your skin to combat the signs of aging as long as it can. Following the steps above and your dermatologist’s advice can help you look younger and more radiant than you’ve ever looked before!

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