Third Trimester of Pregnancy? It’s Time to Choose Your Baby’s Pediatrician

Third Trimester of Pregnancy? It’s Time to Choose Your Baby’s Pediatrician

The third trimester is usually a mix of emotions. While you reminisce about the journey to motherhood, it is only a matter of time before you welcome the child. You are already thinking of baby names and making changes to your home to create a child-friendly environment. If you live in the land of the Golden Temple, this is also the right time to start looking for the best child specialists in Amritsar. Besides embracing the various bodily changes, like frequent fetal movements, swollen ankles and disturbed sleep, the right medical help will allow you to offer the best start in life to your little one.

An effective way to begin your search for that ideal pediatrician is by seeking recommendations from new mothers and relatives. It would also help if you looked for the best pediatrician in Amritsar in advance, given that an estimated 15 million babies are born preterm each year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). It is crucial to choose a physician with years of experience, sound knowledge and availability even at odd hours. Below are a few tips that can help you pick the right pediatrician.

Identify Your Preferences

The first step is to understand the type of pediatrician you require. Along with treating illnesses, they should also advise you the child’s developmental stages and growth.  If you have an autistic child, the line of care would be very different from that of other babies. Your goal could be to have someone who can cater to special needs, such as hyperactivity, seizures or dietary issues. The best pediatrician in Amritsar should also refer you to good behavioral, occupational and physical therapists. Look for a pediatrician who can handle physical, behavioural, and mental health care for your child, while also being someone who is well connected to a network of specialists. For example, if your child happens to face specific skin conditions, your doctor should be able to refer you to a good pediatric dermatologist.

Research the Current Practices 

As parents-to-be, ensure staying updated on the latest medical advancements. A quick search on the internet offers information about treatments and relief measures for childhood health issues. Next, get in touch with the hospital to not only check for the best way to ensure normal delivery, but also to build a connection with the best pediatrician in Amritsar, who combines standard medical management with preventive care to deliver the best possible results. The doctor should be able to cater to unique requirements with the use of the right medical technologies.

Choose a Hospital Close to Home

Before finalizing a pediatrician, know their availability and health care centres where they are available on different days. You can choose a hospital where several pediatricians are available to help cater to emergencies, if any. Labs must also be present, in case any tests or screenings are required. Lastly, make sure the doctor accepts same-day appointments in case the child requires immediate care.

As much as pregnancy care is essential, having the right pediatrician on board is crucial. They will take care of the baby right from birth, through childhood and up to the teenage years.

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