6 IVF Facts You All Should Know

6 IVF Facts You All Should Know

Infertility treatment or IVF, has completely transformed the prospects for pregnancy. And it’s becoming increasingly common: approximately more than 8 million infants have been born with IVF or some other assisted reproductive technique since 1987. However, IVF is not a cure-all for infertility. While innovative, the process may be difficult to understand and navigate. In India, IVF treatment is emerging and growing at a very pace, in almost every state – one can find several IVF centers and hospitals and among all – IVF centers in Amritsar are really showing very improved statistics in terms of birth ratio and health aspects of the parents as well.  However, there are certain facts like IVF cost and IVF side effects and benefits that you must be aware of before opting for the IVF treatment, they are as follows –

  • Initiate the treatment with a fertility test

Whether women intend to get pregnant right now or want a little longer, knowing their fertility status is a good thing. Fortunately, proactive fertility testing is now more accessible than ever, with many companies offering low-cost, at-home hormone tests. These tests generally evaluate your AMH levels, which is a strong indicator of your ovarian reserves, among other factors. If the AMH test indicates a large ovarian reserve, it might be an indication that it’s time to see a fertility expert.

  • Opting for IVF is best when a woman is young (below 30)

IVF is frequently discussed in the context of women over the age of 35 who are attempting to conceive. However, like with all things fertility-related, the chances of getting pregnant with IVF are greater the younger woman is—success rates begin to drop around your mid-thirties.

  • Don’t consider IVF as the first option

Many women believe that IVF is their only option if they desire it, however many fertility specialists will advise you to attempt natural pregnancy instead. Even after that, some doctors will almost certainly try oral or injectable fertility treatments before attempting IVF. Of course, there are always exceptions, such as extremely low AMH levels, numerous miscarriages, and the possibility of specific genetic diseases, all of which may impact how fast a doctor suggests IVF.

  • Always consider the cost the treatment will include

Always consider the IVF cost before one is ready to opt for it. It’s good if it is economical from the couple’s perspective but if it is not then start planning from the very beginning to cover the complete cost that treatment will include. 

  • Patience – a complementary element

One of the most common misunderstandings regarding IVF is that it works immediately; nevertheless, most women require over one cycle of IVF to become pregnant. Most IVF failures are unfixable by a couple, even if a woman follows a healthy diet and exercises regularly—these are crucial, but they are age-dependent.

  • Not an easy path at all

The most crucial thing to understand about IVF is that it is not always successful—the procedure can take effort, time, money, and perhaps an emotional strain on the couple’s life.

These are certain facts that a couple should be aware of before going for IVF treatment but above all, hope is everything that leads to success if mixed with equal efforts.

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