World’s First Users Meeting On Endoluminal Surgery Unites Leading Digestive Surgeons And Gastroenterologists Throughout Europe

EndoGastric Solutions, Inc. (EGS), the world leader in endoluminal intragastric surgery, announces that over 120 surgeons and gastroenterologists from more than 50 hospitals across Europe came together to discuss the evolution of incisionless transoral digestive surgery for the treatment of GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) and Obesity.

During the two-day meeting, EsophyX Users presented their findings, examined their field experiences, and asked questions of their colleagues in a collaborative environment intended to help guide the development and evolution of the company’s technology and procedures.

“The Phase I data surpassed the key endpoints for efficacy and safety that we established when we began clinical trials over 20 months ago and has demonstrated that the procedure is robust and stable,” said world-renowned surgeon Prof. Guy-Bernard Cadiere, Professor of Surgery at University of Brussels & primary investigator for the Phase I Clinical Study. “With more than 50 centers throughout Europe beginning to adopt the EsophyX ELF approach, this was the perfect time to come together to discuss refinements and improvements to the device and procedure.”

“Despite the fact that endoluminal surgery is only in its infancy, the fact that these procedures mimic many of the same principles of Nissen Fundoplication, and have been shown to produce similar results, makes me very optimistic about this technology,” said Prof. Cadiere.

“The results are quite impressive,” said Prof. Michel Buset, Chief Gastroenterologist at St Pierre University in Brussels, Belgium who presented the Phase II Multicenter Study data publicly for the first time. “Over 95% of Phase II patients are experiencing a significant increase in quality of life and they love the incisionless approach. Because the procedure is non- invasive, they are able to get back to their daily activities almost immediately.”

In addition to the EsophyX ELF data, EGS’s second product, StomaphyX, was introduced with a presentation of recent obesity case experiences of surgeon Dr. Jacques Himpens and gastroenterologist Prof. Michel Cremer.

“It is exciting partnering with a company that has developed a family of endoluminal products for the treatment of GERD and Obesity,” said Maastricht University Hospital surgeon Dr. Nicole Bouvy, who has performed close to 40 ELF procedures under the company’s Registry for EsophyX Fundoplications for the Elimination of Reflux (REFER). “EGS is very open to feedback from customers and this first Users Meeting was well attended. I hope they do it again next year as the series of products seem very interesting.”

“EGS must be congratulated on having the right strategy and technology to deliver the portfolio of products that will revolutionize endoluminal intragastric surgery,” said Dr. Alessandro Repici, Professor of Gastroenterology at Humanitas in Milan, Italy. “I am quite certain that endoluminal fundoplication will continue to evolve into a mainstream operation.”

“The early customer feedback is crucial for us to incrementally scale our business and create safe, reliable products that are effective,” said Thierry Thaure, EndoGastric Solutions President & CEO. “We believe that our customers will best guide the development of our endoluminal procedures and we are committed to continuing to invest in Users Meetings and Focus Groups in the initial years of our rollout to fine tune the development of the EsophyX ELF, StomaphyX and other transoral endoluminal procedures.”

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