Why is yoga the best relief for back pain?

Why is yoga the best relief for back pain?

Studies show that yoga can positively influence the health of a person – both physical and mental. People having chronic back pain can improve and get relief through regular yoga, according to studies. Also, people stopped taking pain medications as they harnessed enough benefits from yoga. Yoga is also known to decrease pain intensity and increase mobility.

Yoga for lower back pain would take just 10 minutes from your daily packed schedule. It is easy to find books as well as online videos and articles on yoga. Let us take a look at how you can benefit by taking part in these activities. We would be looking at a few of physical benefits:

  1. Gaining strength from the holds – Yoga positions are mostly some holds. These can help certain muscles to gain strength. The positions are not designed to be uncomfortable. Most of the postures suggested through yoga for back pain relief require you to concentrate and use certain muscles. Thus, muscle strength improves through these positions. A lot of different movements can be incorporated. The muscles in the back and abdomen gain strength, which helps the body to maintain an upright position. Back pain can be greatly reduced or avoided through these activities.
  • Stretching with yoga – Along with above holds, yoga incorporates stretching as well as relaxing muscles. This reduces tension in the muscles that are stressed. An individual needs to hold these positions anywhere from 10 to 60 seconds. Certain muscles would flex while some others stretch. Thus the muscles and joints gain flexibility and relaxation. Stretching is especially important in people who are suffering from lower back pain. This increases blood flow and allows the nutrients to move in while getting the toxins out. This ensures the nourishment of muscles in the lower back.
  • Proper posture of the body – Performing yoga helps to train the body, make it supple and healthy. Consistent practice will result in an improved posture. This will create an increased sense of balance and proper alignment. Unlike most other forms of exercise, yoga strengthens both sides of the body equally. Yoga exercises for back pain help to maintain the natural curvature of the spine. It can reduce or keep lower back pain at bay.
  • Awareness of the body – Yoga actually helps an individual become aware of the body and sensations. According to theory, specific positions and repositions would not only train the body, but train people to understand the limitations of stretching the body. This awareness of one’s own body can help an individual to understand the motions that can be helpful and the motions that should be avoided.

All of these factors together make yoga the perfect instrument to help relieve back pain. Regular practice and staying committed can help you reap the benefits of yoga. Over time, pain can be relieved, and reliance on oral medication will be reduced.

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