Which is the best toner for you in the UAE?

Which is the best toner for you in the UAE?

Want to get hold of the very best toner in UAE? You should choose from a wide variety of options pertaining to the right skin toner in Dubai. Toners are deemed vital for the good health and wellbeing of skin above all else and they are known for their deep-cleaning attributes and moisturizing properties alike. They also help in rebalancing skin after a cleanser is used. Toners are basically used in skincare post washing the face but prior to moisturizing the same. The moisturizers actually improve the overall surface of the skin, enabling it to appear fresher, hydrated and smoother than before. For combination or oily skin, toners may help in lowering excessive oil and pores which are enlarged.

For sensitive, dry or normal skin, toners may help greatly with flaking and redness as well. A good facial toner usually contains water-based liquids which have special active ingredients inclusive of essential oils and plant extracts that can take care of multiple types of skin. Mainly there are soothing and hydrating toners and astringent ones as well. Some ingredients used in this type of skin care product in UAE include rosewater (ensures better hydration), tea tree oil (combating bacteria and oils), chamomile (soothing the skin) and aloe vera (reducing redness and inflammation). Plant stem cells are often contained for ensuring anti ageing and antioxidant attributes. Toners help in completing overall skin cleansing, enabling removal of pollution, impurities and dust along with eliminating excessive oil and grime or even makeup that stays well after washing. Face toners help in prepping the skin for serums and moisturizers alike. Some additional advantages include adding an extra protective layer, restoration of pH balance of skin, moisturizing, refreshing the skin and prevention of ingrown hairs.

The best toner in UAE- Which one should you choose?

When it comes to choosing a suitable skin toner in Dubai, you should always go by a tried and tested brand like Kaya Skin Products. One of the leading brands in the skin and hair care industry, Kaya Skin Products has a wide range of options tailored to every skin type. You will find its Purifying Toner which comes in a 100 ml offering, tailored for skin that is oily or prone to acne on a regular basis. This toner is free from alcohol and has been crafted for checking excessive sebum, courtesy Mandelic acid. It enables gentle exfoliation of the skin while unclogging skin pores simultaneously, tightening them and lowering overall irritation levels. It is highly recommended by dermatologists. Along with lowering production of sebum and unclogging skin pores, it helps in gentle exfoliation, enhancement of skin texture, tightening of skin pores and lowering irritation, ensuring refreshed and comfortable skin at all times. Major ingredients include Niacinamide and Mandelic Acid with the former being a combination of nicotinic acid and Vitamin B3 and the latter enabling lower sebum production and combating cystic acne. This skin toner is highly suitable for oily and combination skin types alike.

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